5 Piece French Wardrobe

5-piece-french-wardrobe-blk-dnm-leather-skirt-the-row-pants-r13-chaps-piamita-isabella-blouse-phillip-lim-dress-joseph-vest-stella-mccartney-blazer-r13-leather-shorts-tibi-boots-shopping- women's-fashion

If you’ve followed me for a while, you know that my shopping mantra for the past six months has been pare down, scale up. I often chant this in my head when browsing around the internet and stores, but I want to take it one step further… Committing to the 5 Piece French Wardrobe shopping diet, à la Sabrina of afterDRK.

Let me loop you in on the rules…

1 // Allowed to buy 5 pieces each season (2 seasons per year)

2 // Basics don’t count towards the 5 pieces

3 // Accessories don’t count, unless they are designer pieces

5-piece-french-wardrobe-blk-dnm-leather-skirt-the-row-pants-r13-chaps-piamita-isabella-blouse-phillip-lim-dress-joseph-vest-stella-mccartney-blazer-r13-leather-shorts-tibi-boots-shopping- women's-fashion

Before I get into dreaming about my 5 pieces of this season (Spring), I pulled out the key pieces I bought last year. Editing is just as important as buying when it comes to assessing your wardrobe. This is a collection of some of my favorite 2013 additions.

This shopping diet will not only reduce my shopping habit, but it will continue to push me towards designing and making more of my own clothing. Of course, this does pose a larger challenge for me because I write sample sale reviews for Racked, so temptation is everywhere… Nonetheless, I am always up for a good challenge, I mean how hard can it be, buying on average, a little less than 1 piece a month?


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