Fashion Resolutions 2014

Last year I started making Fashion Resolutions, and in true resolution style, I stayed on track for the first half of the year and then it all went to hell. This year, I am making some of the same resolutions and will hopefully stay on track until 2015. Fashion Resolutions 2014 edition…

Fashion Resolutions 2014 - Pare down, scale up - edit and streamline your wardrobe | DeSmitten

Pare down, but scale up. In an effort to edit and streamline my wardrobe, l will buy less, but invest in better quality pieces. I declared this as my shopping mantra back in August, read more about it here.

Fashion Resolutions 2014 - Pare down, scale up - edit and streamline your wardrobe | DeSmitten

Project de. In order to keep my creativity and construction skills sharp, I will attempt to make one garment a month for the entire year. This was a resolution last year, but I only made it through July. Must keep sewing…

Fashion Resolutions 2014 - Solidify Skin Care Regimen ft. Fresh Soy Face Cleanser, Tea Tree Oil, Evening Primrose tablets, Neutrogena | DeSmitten

Solidifying a Skin Care Regimen. As I approach the last year of my 20’s (agh!), I must solidify a consistent skin care regimen. I am always trying new products and home remedies, but one of the most important parts of skin care is being consistent. I have to get through the trial and error phase and commit to the products that work! I am still in search of the perfect under eye cream, so if you have any suggestions, do tell! Pictured above are some of my skin care essentials: Fresh Soy Face Cleanser // Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes // Tea Tree Oil // Evening Primrose Tablets.

Wishing you a very happy and well dressed New Year!


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