Introducing the DE SMET Transformative Tie Dress


This month’s design was inspired by simple geometric shapes to create a versatile silhouette. Seamlessly uniting form with function, the DE SMET Transformative Tie Dress is a new take on the wrap dress. Made in soft tencel twill, detailed with overlapped side panels for easy wrapping at front or back. Reversible front to back styling for a high or low neckline. Available in both Poppyseed (pictured above) and Bosc (pictured below). Layer over jeans and a tee, or wear on its own as a dress, this is the ultimate layering piece to take you through the seasons.

14th-transformative-tie-dress-made-in-ny-DE-SMET-7 14th-transformative-tie-dress-made-in-ny-DE-SMET-8 Styled with Suzanne Rae Pump Mesh white shoes.



Best of Basics | DE SMET Fall-Back T-Shirt


As we embark on our second year, I want to reintroduce you to DE SMET.

Representing a lifestyle of conscious, finespun luxury, DE SMET begins as a dialogue between purist fabrics and their natural surroundings. With one new style released each month, we believe in building a wardrobe through slow, organic accumulation, culminating in an entire collection presented over the course of one year.

This month’s DE SMET style defines refined ease with an update to your basic t-shirt. Available in Starch white tencel cotton jersey, this redefined wardrobe staple is a statement of practical elegance and refined leisure.


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Editorial Eclipse: Introducing Viden


I’m not sure if you noticed lately, but Totokaelo has really been upping its editorial game. The overall art direction has been awe-inspiring, to say the least. My latest favorite is an editorial featuring New York based brand Viden. The use of color is subtle yet bold. The juxtaposition of the soft blurry photos and the high-contrast black and white imagery feels fresh. The clothes are the centerpiece of the story; oversized silhouettes and elevated basics that every woman can wear.

totokaelo-editorial-eclipse-introducing-viden-16-desmitten totokaelo-editorial-eclipse-introducing-viden-14-desmitten totokaelo-editorial-eclipse-introducing-viden-10-desmitten totokaelo-editorial-eclipse-introducing-viden-desmitten

View the full editorial and shop the looks at Totokaelo.

Photography: Ryan Willms | Art Direction: Lauren Shooster | Styling: Alison Mazur @ ACN Studio | Model: Liisa Winkler | Hair and Makeup: Yuhi Kim | Casting: Nicola Kast


Editorial Eclipse: Fashion Revolution


SUITED Magazine shows how fashionable sustainability actually is in this month’s editorial entitled Fashioning a Movement. Stylist Renata Gar piles on layers of clothing from sustainable designers including Kowtow, Lauren Manoogian, Paris Georgia Basics and shoes by Suzanne Rae. Does the nomadic feeling of the imagery hint at a lifestyle we may have to adopt because of environmental impacts of the fashion industry? In a world where fast fashion prevails and stores introducing new styles weekly, sustainable fashion can often sound like a dirty word.
What most consumers don’t realize is the power they hold with their dollar. You vote for change through every dollar you put into the fashion industry. If you continue to spend your money at fast fashion retailers, they will continue to over produce more clothing that end up in landfills. Choosing to invest in clothing made by workers who make a living wage, shows your support for a growing, sustainable fashion industry. SUITED sat down with Shivam Punjya, US ambassador of Fashion Revolution (a global movement and non-profit organization who believes in a fashion industry that values people, the environment, creativity and profit in equal measure) to discuss the importance of sustainability in fashion. Read the full article here.


suited-magazine-fashioning-a-movement-fashion-revolution-sustainable-fashion-4-desmitten suited-magazine-fashioning-a-movement-fashion-revolution-sustainable-fashion-5-desmitten


French Trench Style


The rain from Paris fashion week has shifted to New York, and we have plenty of French trench style to inspire us, thanks to Phil Oh. He captured the glitterati donning their best overcoats and stepping up the layering game. Coats over jackets over shirts over knits, anything goes. From avant-garde to menswear inspired, the outerwear staple of the season has never looked better.

French-trench-style-paris-fashion-week-street-style-by-Phil-Oh-for-Vogue-3-desmitten French-trench-style-paris-fashion-week-street-style-by-Phil-Oh-for-Vogue-4-desmitten French-trench-style-paris-fashion-week-street-style-by-Phil-Oh-for-Vogue-2-desmitten

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