A Mindful Edit | Plant Based Recipes


Since becoming vegan three years ago, the hunt for vegan recipes is a daily occurrence in our house. It is very rare that we come across a site that offers plant based recipes and photography that we can appreciate aesthetically. Because of this, imagine my delight when Sophie from @blueeyedfringe started a new instagram account, @amindfuledit featuring plant based recipes with unmistakably gorgeous food photography.

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Minestrone Soup Recipe


As the trees begin to change color and the weather starts to cool down, we look for constants that feel familiar. In our house, making minestrone soup is a way we welcome in the new, cooler season each year. Since yesterday was the first day that felt like Fall, I made my favorite minestrone soup recipe with garlic croutons. This recipe makes enough food for a few meals, so it is well worth it. It is also a great way to use the abundance of summer vegetables left in the garden.

This meal takes around 30 minutes to make, but the flavors are hearty and deep as if you let it simmer for hours. Continue reading


Vegan Christmas Menu

This is the first year we aren’tĀ traveling to my Mom’s for Christmas, but instead we are hosting dinner ourselves. I am so looking forward to avoiding the airports this holiday season. Instead, we will take a short train ride upstate to Dermot’s brother’s beautiful home in the woods. His kitchen is much more spacious and state-of-the-art than our outdated Brooklyn kitchen and his fireplaceĀ is large enough to stand inside. While Dermot and I are the only vegans at dinner, the other guests don’t mind plant-based side dishes and desserts, as long as they are delicious. Here is our vegan Christmas menu, I promise it won’t disappoint.