Postcard From China



Travel | Tokyo Suggestions


I am heading to Asia next month and I am looking for your favorite places in Tokyo to stay, shop and eat (especially if you know of any great vegan restaurants). If you are looking for Tokyo suggestions, this 24 Hour guide from Cereal Magazine is a good start. Remodelista also has a Tokyo city guide with restaurant recommendations.

Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments below or email me directly: Thank you in advance!




Monday Mood: The City Beautiful


There is so much going on in the world this week, I thought we should start it with beautiful imagery from Martien Mulder’s new book, “The City Beautiful.” Capturing how light interacts with the architecture in Chandigarh, India – a city designed by Le Corbusier. His Modernist vision transformed the city after the country won it’s independence in 1947. Mulder says “Of course, as a photographer I am always chasing the light, and, in Chandigarh, the light is just a dream.” She dedicates this book to Le Corbusier’s belief that “architecture is the skillful, correct, and magnificent play of volumes assembled in light.” The outcome is awe-inspiring and fills me with wanderlust.


An excerpt from the book: “We exist by putting one foot in front of the other, drawing our own line through a kind of walking history. If simplicity is a sign of mastery, it is because simplicity allows for the infinite. The only critic is the past, and the only judge is posterity.”

monday-mood-the-city-beautiful-Martien-Mulder-Chandigarh-India-Le-Corbusier-modern-architecture-3-desmitten monday-mood-the-city-beautiful-Martien-Mulder-Chandigarh-India-Le-Corbusier-modern-architecture-5-desmitten monday-mood-the-city-beautiful-Martien-Mulder-Chandigarh-India-Le-Corbusier-modern-architecture-4-desmitten monday-mood-the-city-beautiful-Martien-Mulder-Chandigarh-India-Le-Corbusier-modern-architecture-2-desmitten monday-mood-the-city-beautiful-Martien-Mulder-Chandigarh-India-Le-Corbusier-modern-architecture-7-desmitten

Continue to explore more images from “The City Beautiful” here.


Postcard from Sayulita


This postcard is a little late, as we just returned from a week-long trip to Sayulita, Mexico. We endured the threat of hurricane Patricia, but came out unscathed. We did a little wedding planning (agh!) while we were there as well. We met so many great new friends (including this guy at our Airbnb) and we can’t wait to return!


Summer Getaways and Sunglass Dreams


I feel like I missed most of the summer being away last month, but it is officially high summer here in New York. Hot, sunny and humid. There are only two things you need to survive New York City in August: a getaway and a new pair of sunglasses. While I won’t dish out the $560 for these amazing Mykita x Maison Margiela essential sunglasses, I am planning an upstate getaway in the upcoming weeks. What are your getaway plans / sunglass dreams made of?