Invest in Timeless Design: The Row Shoes


The older I get, the more calculated my wardrobe investments become. I assess the pieces that have lasted the longest in my wardrobe and I use them as a benchmark for buying new pieces. One of the things I spend the most money on, that last the longest, are shoes. I have friends who swear by one shoe style and continue to re-buy the same shoes when the originals wear out. I continue to resole and repair my favorite shoes until my cobbler tells me they aren’t worth the cost of the repair. Currently, I am wearing out these black boots.


Whatever shoe shopping style you choose, you can always appreciate a beautifully made shoe. Which brings me to today’s subject… The Row shoes. Made in Italy, the Resort 2017 collection is comprised of paired down, classic shapes that women of every age can appreciate and wear. Investing in shoes from The Row is something I’ve been considering for my upcoming birthday. Above you’ll find my selects. There is something for every occasion. If only this Resort collection was available before I got married last October, I would have worn the sandals throughout our entire wedding week in Mexico. Instead, I am dreaming of the winter boots with treads, a minimal, classic winter boot that doesn’t make you want to vomit, and is sure to help you navigate the icy streets of the city.

Photo from Cereal Magazine


Fringe Binge


When building a classic wardrobe, sometimes a touch of trend is needed to keep things fresh. The key to introducing a trend into your well-edited wardrobe is to invest in pieces with classic silhouettes. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite fringe pieces of the season including a cropped sweater, hobo bag, and slide.



Must Have: Waisted Top

The summer sales are here and I’m drawn to waisted tops of all shapes and sizes. From Lemaire’s apron style silhouette to Cédric Charlier’s dramatic sleeve tee, there’s not a waisted top that I don’t love. Something as simple as a belted waist adds instant polish to any look. These styles are elevated classics that will live in your wardrobe forever. The Row’s blue poplin shirt has an updated collar that feels fresh. The Cédric Charlier top in perforated poplin adds subtle texture to any look. Lemaire’s sleeveless style is perfect for summer but lends well to layering for fall. What are you going to scoop up during the summer sales?

A Moment at Totokaelo


It’s no secret that Totokaelo is one of my favorite stores. Not only do they curate a thoughtful collection of designers, but the space is perfectly minimal. Here are a few moments from my visit to Totokaelo last week when I tried on the dreamiest wool coat from The Row.

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The Row Shoes


In January, we found out that The Row is finally releasing shoes! If you follow them on Instagram then you’ve seen the beautiful images of their shoes paired with mid-century home furnishings. I can’t decide whether I like the shoes or the art direction of these images more…