Monday Mood: The City Beautiful


There is so much going on in the world this week, I thought we should start it with beautiful imagery from Martien Mulder’s new book, “The City Beautiful.” Capturing how light interacts with the architecture in Chandigarh, India – a city designed by Le Corbusier. His Modernist vision transformed the city after the country won it’s independence in 1947. Mulder says “Of course, as a photographer I am always chasing the light, and, in Chandigarh, the light is just a dream.” She dedicates this book to Le Corbusier’s belief that “architecture is the skillful, correct, and magnificent play of volumes assembled in light.” The outcome is awe-inspiring and fills me with wanderlust.


An excerpt from the book: “We exist by putting one foot in front of the other, drawing our own line through a kind of walking history. If simplicity is a sign of mastery, it is because simplicity allows for the infinite. The only critic is the past, and the only judge is posterity.”

monday-mood-the-city-beautiful-Martien-Mulder-Chandigarh-India-Le-Corbusier-modern-architecture-3-desmitten monday-mood-the-city-beautiful-Martien-Mulder-Chandigarh-India-Le-Corbusier-modern-architecture-5-desmitten monday-mood-the-city-beautiful-Martien-Mulder-Chandigarh-India-Le-Corbusier-modern-architecture-4-desmitten monday-mood-the-city-beautiful-Martien-Mulder-Chandigarh-India-Le-Corbusier-modern-architecture-2-desmitten monday-mood-the-city-beautiful-Martien-Mulder-Chandigarh-India-Le-Corbusier-modern-architecture-7-desmitten

Continue to explore more images from “The City Beautiful” here.


Inspired by Claire Cottrell


I’m currently pulling inspiration for the next DE SMET collection, and I can’t get enough of these images from Claire Cottrell. The shapes, colors, architecture, and nature exist harmoniously together. If you don’t already follow Claire on instagram you should, here and here!


Get Inspired: Ghirri

Paradise-Backyard--Aldo-Rossi-by-Luigi-Ghirri-desmittenDo you know when you have an image hanging on your physical inspiration board for months because it resonates with something inside you, but you don’t know much more about its origin? Well I’ve had this image (above) hanging in my office for almost a year and didn’t realize it was a photograph taken by Italian photographer, Luigi Ghirri. After exploring his work further, I couldn’t be more impressed. The colors in these images make pastels feel like neutrals. I chose to share this collection of images because it makes me nostalgic about the end of summer…luigi-ghirri-desmitten



Deborah Turbeville: Fashion Photographer

 Deborah Turbeville, one of the most iconic fashion photographers to this day, passed away last week at the age of 81. Her moody and enchanting photography style changed the course of fashion photography as we know it. It is clear in her images that her focus on beautiful clothing was just as important to her as the atmosphere itself. Here are some of my favorite photos by the late, great Deborah Turbeville.

Deborah Turbeville Fashion Photographer | DeSmittenDeborah Turbeville Fashion Photographer | DeSmitten Deborah Turbeville Fashion Photographer | DeSmittenDeborah Turbeville Fashion Photographer | DeSmittenDeborah Turbeville Fashion Photographer | DeSmitten Deborah Turbeville Fashion Photographer | DeSmitten Deborah Turbeville Fashion Photographer | DeSmitten Deborah Turbeville Fashion Photographer | DeSmitten

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Everyday Imagery

I feel like the past few weeks have been non-stop busy, and it doesn’t look like I’m slowing down anytime soon. No complaints though! I’m enjoying meeting new people, collaborating on different projects, reporting on sample sales and making dresses for friends and new clients. Somehow, I found a few quiet moments between the craziness.Basketball Court Lines, Photography, @DeSmitten Instagram | DeSmitten My mobile office at Cafe Minerva NYC, Photography, @DeSmitten Instagram | DeSmitten Cat whiskers, Photography, @DeSmitten Instagram | DeSmitten Linen Color Card, Photography, @DeSmitten Instagram | DeSmitten Brooklyn Street Shadows, Photography, @DeSmitten Instagram | DeSmitten

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