Muji Stainless Steel Flatware


I’ve always been an advocate for well designed home goods and even more of an advocate for home goods that are reasonably priced. Muji does this best. They are constantly rolling out products that are thoughtfully designed and made to last.

Muji-Stainless-Steel-Flatware-2 desmitten

Last week, I stopped in at Muji for a few travel supplies and I left with a set of stainless steel flatware. We’ve been looking for flatware for over two years now. Our criteria, as always, was simple:
-minimal, sleek design
-not too large


Before fully committing to a forever flatware set, I like to buy 1 set (salad fork, dinner fork, butter knife, teaspoon, tablespoon) and use it for a few weeks. This is when we assess everything: Does it fit nicely in your hand? Does it wash well? Does it function for everyday needs? At some point, usually within the first few uses, I’ll know if it’s right or not. Many flatware sets have fallen short. Until now. The Muji stainless steel flatware meets all of our criteria and they offer many different sizes. I’m always in need of a tiny fork to pull olives out of a jar or an extra long spoon to reach the bottom of a tall glass.

I’ve always found Kenya Hara’s design philosophy inspiring, so It’s no surprise we found our everyday flatware at Muji. It was well worth the wait.

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Furnishing A Minimalist Home


Furnishing a minimalist home… Sounds like an oxymoron right? Before you bring anything new into your home, be sure to clear out any and everything that you don’t need and/or love. If you need help with this, read this, it’s life changing. Much like building an edited wardrobe, furnishing a minimalist home is all about quality over quantity. Invest in things you will use forever and that will work for your apartment now and your future home(s). It’s ok to sit on the floor until you find the perfect sofa. Don’t buy disposable furniture, dishes or silverware. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite websites for furnishing a minimalist home and selected some of my favorite pieces.


Rikumo – Japan Made | Best for towels and stylish yet utilitarian tools for house keeping.

Heath Ceramics – California-based, family-owned, hand-crafted ceramics. | Best for ceramic vases and dinnerware.

Food52 | Best for simple, functional kitchen prep tools like these glass nesting bowls with spout and one of a kind vintage/found pieces with a modern utility.

WallpaperSTORE* | Best for Ichendorf Milano glassware.

Vestige Home – Hand-made wood pieces | Best for cutting boards and wood accessories.

March SF – San Francisco-based home goods | Best for everything from stoneware to John Pawson flatware.

Everyday Needs – New Zealand based home goods | Best for great finds like this set of concentric trays by Margaret Howell.

Honorable mentions | Quitokeeto // Stillhouse // Association // Analogue Life // Mjolk // Nest Direct // Muji