Arket Fresh


Looking for an alternative to Muji for affordable, minimally designed housewares?

Arket is the answer. Their mission is to democratize quality through widely accessible, well made durable products, designed to be used and loved for years. From the low spouted bowl to artistically designed long wood spoons, every piece has a purpose.

Not only are their products well designed, but their website has a refreshing set up. With the ability to shop by color (chosen from a color wheel), material, or origin of maker, it allows for an easy online shopping experience.

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite housewares from the shop above, but be sure to browse Arket for yourself. They also offer men’s and women’s clothing. The only downside, they don’t ship to the US just yet.

turtle bag | long wooden spoons | water jug large spouted bowl | dish brush


The Maryn Shop


My dear friend, Michelle Adams has created outstanding interior imagery in her own home and for many interior design publications and now turns her talents to her own shop, The Maryn. “I learned as a magazine editor that trends are fleeting,” she explains, “so I’ve curated pieces that are here to stay—the kind you will love today, and years down the road.” An ethos that is true to my heart as this is the same approach I have when designing clothing for DE SMET. It was hard to edit down my wish list, but after a few hours, these are my must-haves from The Maryn.

Art lives in our home as another member of the family. This print, Untitled (orange), by Pavel Feinstein reminds me of 17th century food paintings. The moodiness of the print would add a much-needed dark layer to our stark white walls.

 A reinterpretation of the Bolshoi Theatre chandelier in Moscow, this delicate, organic structure would add ceiling interest without creating clutter in our Brooklyn apartment.

Black spice bowls add a sculptural element to any table. I especially love that they are all made right here in New York and each one is slightly different. These are the items that make a space feel like a home.

We have been on the hunt for the perfect reading chair, our criteria was simple: comfortable enough to read in, but not too comfortable that you might fall asleep. We also didn’t want anything too chunky. The cognac club chair by Taylor Forrest meets all of our requirements while adding extra style to the room.

The Anderson ottoman by Hawkins New York is a generous size which allows it to double as a side table. I especially love that the founders of Hawkins New York, Nicholas Blaine and Paul Denoly split their time between Brooklyn, New York and the historic Hudson Valley. We spend most of our time between those three locations as well.

Cy Twombley is a favorite artist of mine. I especially love his ability to move seamlessly from one medium to another. His blurry photographs in this book feel real and mysterious. A perfect coffee table book.

We all have them: stacks of magazines taking over entire corners of rooms, filling every inch of table space and stacked as high as I am tall. In my mind, a magazine rack allows you to keep a small edited assortment of the best magazines. Overcrowding a well-designed magazine rack like this one would be sacrilegious.

Shop more from The Maryn.


Interior Inspiration: Minimalist Fireplace


After a quick trip up north where I spent most of my working hours sitting in front of a fireplace, my obsession with having a minimalist fireplace in our New York apartment grew exponentially. This dream will have to wait until we build our own minimalist home one day. In the meantime I am gathering some major interior inspiration on the subject. Everywhere you look, from New York and New Mexico to Italy and Greece, minimalist fireplaces quietly adorn spaces all over the world. A bare space to build your fire allows the fire to take center stage. There are no ornate mantels or complicated doors to obstruct the view, just a simple setting for a warm fire. Here are my current favorites, oh and don’t forget about this one. Visit me here for more interior inspiration.

interior-inspiration-minimalist-fireplace-Penthouse-Westkaai-by-Hans-Verstuyft-Architecten-desmitteninterior-inspiration-minimalist-fireplace-DRDH-Architects-desmitteninterior-inspiration-minimalist-fireplace-Ramon-Llull-desmitteninterior-inspiration-minimalist-remodolista-desmitten interior-inspiration-minimalist-fireplace-desmitten interior-inspiration-minimalist-fireplace-Ultramodern-Samuel-Marx-desmitten


Interior Inspiration: Jil Sander Flagship


There’s nothing like an empty, minimally designed space to make you want to clear out your entire apartment and start fresh. I have been KonMari-ing my life for the past two years, but I still find myself surrounded by things, no matter how much I donate, sell or throw away. Do you have this problem? Anyway, I thought the Jil Sander Flagship in Milan offered great inspiration to clear your mind, or your home for the new year. I can’t say that I will be THIS minimalistic, but it does spark ideas for a piece of furniture I am designing for our kitchen. The thoughtful use of space, movement of lines, contrasting textures and natural materials are all noteworthy details to consider.

Jil-Sander-Flagship-Berlin-2-desmitten Jil-Sander-Flagship-Berlin-desmitten Jil-Sander-Flagship-Berlin-3-desmitten Jil-Sander-Flagship-Berlin-5-desmitten


Interior Inspiration: Kinfolk Office


Remember when Kinfolk published a book of inspiring interiors? I think they were secretly doing research on how they’d like to design their new Kinfolk office in Copenhagen. Taking cues from Japanese and Scandinavian design, Kinfolk’s editor-in-chief Nathan Williams worked closely with Norm Architects to design a clean gallery and workspace. Every surface has a texture or sheen that compliments the other objects in the room. From the caramel velvet sofa to light grey walls with strategically placed alcoves and shelves, every inch of the space is thoughtfully designed. The objects within the space act as art with their straightforward and functional designs.

interior-inspiration-kinfolk-office-norm-architects-6-desmitten interior-inspiration-kinfolk-office-norm-architects-desmitten interior-inspiration-kinfolk-office-norm-architects-5-desmitten interior-inspiration-kinfolk-office-norm-architects-3-desmitten interior-inspiration-kinfolk-office-norm-architects-2-desmitten