Sunday Night Thoughts…


As I browsed through the September issue of WSJ Magazine today, this coat caught my eye the minute I flipped the page. Classic, oversized and perfectly styled (by one of my favorite stylists, Véronique Didry). I was surprised to see that the designer of this coat was Donna Karen. Surprised because of the not-so-new news that Donna Karen recently left her namesake company. Resulting in LVMH suspending the higher end brand, Donna Karen, to make way for DKNY to become profitable. But I can’t help but wonder who wouldn’t want to wear this amazing coat by Donna Karen? This is what classics are made of. I love that this image looks fresh now, but it could have easily been an editorial from 30 years ago…

Ok, off to bed now, goodnight!


Beauty Supply: Aesop Deodorant


Finding a non-toxic/chemical free deodorant has been the biggest challenge since making the switch to non-toxic beauty and personal care products. After trying dozens of options, I found that the Aesop deodorant smells the best, and lasts the longest. Aesop’s formula includes lemongrass, clove and vetiver root which inhibit the growth of bacteria, preventing body odor from developing. There are 11 essential oils that facilitate anti-microbial activity keeping your underarms smelling fresh. Keep in mind this doesn’t prevent you from sweating, only from smelling. I noticed on very hot days when I was very active, I needed to reapply half way through the day. The small bottle is perfect for keeping in your handbag and the minimal packaging is a plus. The only down side is the $35 price tag. My boyfriend swears by Weleda’s Sage deodorant which is only half the price, for twice the amount of product. I still prefer the scent of the Aesop deodorant. Do you have a favorite non-toxic deodorant?


Simple Styling


In the summer, my uniform is pretty much white button down shirt and… fill in the blank. So when I find new ways to style my white button down shirt, I adopt them immediately. Here are my two new favorites… 1 // Tie a black string around your neck, it is an easy alternative to jewelry. 2 // If you have a white shirt with high side slits, tie a one-sided knot to get the look of this linen shirt from Loewe. What is your favorites simple styling trick?



Inspiration Gathering

With a new exciting project in the works, I’ve been in inspiration gathering mode (if you couldn’t already tell from my Pinterest). Here are my major inspiration sources at the moment…

inspiration gathering art book stand johanna tagada desmitten

Art Book Stand is an LA based art book shop with a carefully curated selection of niche publications. The Conversations portion of their websites delves into the everyday lives and inspirations of artists. I love reading about other artists favorite books and influences. It opens up an entirely new world to explore. My “to read” list has grown exponentially since discovering this site. So looking forward to visiting the Art Book Stand next time I am in LA.

Inspiration gathered // Books to read – Woman Native Other by Trinh T. Minh-ha and Infinity Net: The Autobiography of Yayoi Kusama via a Conversation with Johanna Tagada


Closet Visit is a better version of The Coveteur because they aren’t trying to sell you anything, they just photograph amazing closets and interview inspiring, stylish people. For me, this site is more about reading the interview than the images (although they are inspiring on their own level). I love to read about what other creatives are reading, listening to and who they look to for style inspiration.

Inspiration gathered // Schuhtutehemd shop and blog via Sissy Saint-Marie’s closet visit

Encens magazine vintage designer ads desmitten

Encens magazine is published twice a year and instead of using their publication to sell clothing and an aspirational lifestyle, it highlights fashion as an art form instead. Their informative interviews and insight on past and present dressing feels fresh. I recommend getting your hands on a hard copy, but until then you can browse their site.

Inspiration gathered // Zoran, the ultimate minimalist designer


Summer in the City

summer-staples-j.w.-anderson-stripe-dress-robert-clergerie-sandals-celine-box-bag-new-york-street-style-desmittenFinally getting back into the swing of things here in New York. I wore my favorite new dress from J.W. Anderson yesterday. It was a great departure from my usual achromatic look. See the full look on instagram.