Transitional Shopping Fall 2015


I love that we can still have a conversation about transitional shopping in the middle of November. The weather here in New York is warmer than usual, the leaves are falling and there is no need for tights or scarves just yet (evidence here). I’ve worn these sandals more in the past week than I did all summer. They are the perfect transitional shoe. But let’s talk about what I don’t have, and what is on my transitional shopping list this season. As always, I am still focused on classic wardrobe staples, with small yet impactful updates.

The best part of transitional shopping is choosing pieces that are versatile for more than one occasion and season. Opting for a white handbag instead of black for Fall feels refreshing, but it will carry you right through Spring without a second thought. Go for bold with a striped blazer and a black boot with a contrasting heel. I love how versatile this button front turtleneck is, the layering options are endless. A pair of clean, tailored cropped jeans are easily dressed up or down, no matter what the season. What is on your transitional shopping list?

turtleneck // blazer // jeans // handbag // boots


Interior Inspiration: Upstate Update


I don’t know about you, but it seems all of my good friends are moving out of New York City to upstate New York. If they aren’t moving there permanently, they are in the midst of buying a weekend/summer cabin. I’ve never considered living in the country, but my fiancé grew up in Ireland, roaming his family’s 180-acre horse farm and he wants the same for our kids one day. Because of this, I’ve started to notice more upstate/woodsy interiors that I could live with. My current obsession is the home of architect and design duo Takaaki Kawabata and Christina Kawabata of Takatina. A 1,100 square foot cabin turned into a single room home which is both minimal and functional for their family of four. I could see myself living in an open space that invites the outdoor views inside while remaining modern and fresh… just as this house does. See more images of the home on Remodolista and NY Times and read Christina’s interview over at Apiece Apart.

upstate-update-modern-cabin-in-the-woods-Takaaki-Kawabata-and-Christina-Kawabata-of-Takatina-4-desmitten upstate-update-modern-cabin-in-the-woods-Takaaki-Kawabata-and-Christina-Kawabata-of-Takatina-3-desmitten upstate-update-modern-cabin-in-the-woods-Takaaki-Kawabata-and-Christina-Kawabata-of-Takatina-2-desmitten


Mango Does Minimal


Can we just talk about how Mango does minimal quite well? At the moment, I’m loving their navy wool pieces, specifically this minimal coat and gilet from their premium collection. I also love the simple styling and photography, Mango should do minimal more often. I wonder if the quality looks as good in person as it does in these images?

mango-does-minimal-navy-wool-coat-premium-collection-3-desmitten mango-does-minimal-navy-wool-coat-premium-collection-2-desmitten mango-does-minimal-navy-wool-gilet-premium-collection-2-desmitten mango-does-minimal-navy-wool-gilet-premium-collection-desmitten


DIY: Denim Hem Update


In an effort to update my denim game for fall, I went through my bag of clothes destined to sell and found this old pair of Madewell jeans which were always about 5 inches too long for me. Instead of selling them at Beacon’s Closet, I decided to give them a denim hem update. Taking inspiration from the ever illusive Vêtements jeans (which retail for around $1500), I went for a more asymmetrical cut off. Here’s how I did it…


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Beauty Supply: Silver Gel


A few months ago I read an interview with one of my favorite designers, Mona Kowalska of A Détacher, and she shared her beauty secret… Silver gel. If you’ve ever had the chance to meet Mona in person you would notice how flawless her skin is, it is just radiant. She swears by using silver gel twice a week on her face. After doing much research on the ASAP silver gel she recommended, I found that this brand adds TSE (which is bad for you). As an alternative, I went with this brand which is TSE free. Why silver gel? This product is used the heal wounds – since I bought this product, my fiancé Dermot has used it for his skateboard injuries, mainly road rash from falling off his board. A wound that would usually takes over a week to scab over does so in just a few days. I use it twice a week on my face (as Mona recommended) and it reduces any redness from earlier breakouts while softening the skin. It also takes the itch away from mosquito bites, something that came in handy on our recent Mexico trip. Another friend of mine uses it to relieve the itch from her eczema. I would recommend silver gel as a general healing product to keep around the house with the added bonus of promoting a healthy and radiant complexion.