Project de. VII XV


All I want to wear on days like today are dresses like these… oversized, versatile and comfortable. I made this dress out of a linen/rayon which has a nice drape and breathes easy. The belts are only attached at the front and back waist which offer many ways to wear this style, but this is my favorite way to tie this dress. It isn’t a super cinched in waist, but it gives a little shape to the body. High slits with a shirt-tail hem are always a plus. I also love our new-found location… the back of the Brooklyn Museum, who knew? It was sitting at the end of our block all this time! The shadows, the light, the neutral colors, what more could I ask for?

project-de--VII-XV-linen-dress-made-in-new-york-desmittenproject-de--VII-XV-linen-dress-made-in-new-york-desmittenproject-de--VII-XV-linen-dress-made-in-new-york-desmittenproject-de--VII-XV-linen-dress-made-in-new-york-desmittenproject-de--VII-XV-linen-dress-made-in-new-york-desmittenproject-de--VII-XV-linen-dress-made-in-new-york-desmittenproject-de--VII-XV-linen-dress-made-in-new-york-desmitten project-de--VII-XV-linen-dress-made-in-new-york-desmitten


Project de. VI XV


This dress was perfect to wear today… easy and breezy. Well maybe a little too breezy, I had to hold my dress down as we walked around the neighborhood this morning so I didn’t flash the passersby. Originally I was going to make this style out of the most amazing blush linen but of course, I didn’t realize how much fabric this dress consumes… almost five yards if you can believe it! I only had three yards of the blush linen, so I dove into my fabric archive for back up. I found this super light weight cotton voile in this neutral khaki color, which works. Now that I made the dress of voile, I think it is better than the linen because wearing five yards of linen would be too heavy/hot… Contradicting the entire purpose of an easy breezy summer dress. 





Project de. V XV


With imperfect textures inspired by soft linen bedding, I incorporated wrapping and undone draping details for a laid back yet refined look. I love the ease of throwing on a sac dress, so I took that idea and added layering details, slits and delicate straps to add more interest and versatility to this style.

christina-desmet-design-project-de-V-IX-may-2015-desmittenchristina-desmet-design-project-de-V-IX-may-2015-desmitten christina-desmet-design-project-de-V-IX-may-2015-4-desmitten christina-desmet-design-project-de-V-IX-may-2015-desmitten

I wore this dress to dinner last weekend where we sat outside and watched the city go by as we ate. I kept the styling super simple. Worn with: My favorite Marni mules (similar here) and Elizabeth and James cuff. I also love this dress with flat lace up sandals and an oversized clutch for a picnic in the park.


Project de. IIII XV


I love draping fabrics with linear textures because you can see the way the fabric folds and forms with the body, highlighting the beauty of the raw material. The raw edge hem of this skirt mimics the small yarn tufts of the textile, keeping the feeling relaxed yet luxurious to carry your look from day to night.

christina-desmet-design-project-de-IIII-IX-april-2015-desmittenchristina-desmet-design-project-de-IIII-IX-april-2015-desmitten christina-desmet-design-project-de-IIII-IX-april-2015-desmitten

Art direction and styling by Julia Gelfgatt // Shot at Aya’s loft in Dumbo, Brooklyn


Project de. III XV


Taking inspiration from the architecture of the Bishop Edward King Chapel, I designed a white linen, open back shirt with adjustable sleeves. I left the edges raw so as the linen softens with wear, the hems will become perfectly deconstructed. I love the idea of this garment evolving through wear.

christina-desmet-design-project-de-II-IX-march-2015-desmitten christina-desmet-design-project-de-II-IX-march-2015-desmitten christina-desmet-design-project-de-II-IX-march-2015-desmitten christina-desmet-design-project-de-II-IX-march-2015-desmitten

Art direction and styling by Julia Gelfgatt //  Shot at Aya’s loft in Dumbo, Brooklyn // Worn with my favorite Piamita wide leg cropped pants, available here.