Postcard: Noguchi Museum


A hidden gem in Long Island City, Queens. The Noguchi Museum and Garden features work from the Japanese-American sculptor, Isamu Noguchi who studied under Brancusi. Filled with marble and stone sculptures formed into organic shapes, every inch of the museum inspires.



You’re Invited: BF+DA Ethical Writer’s Holiday Shop


DE SMET is pleased to announce our participation in the BF+DA Ethical Writer’s Holiday Gift Shop this year. The unique pop-up event will be bringing together some of the best brands in ethical and sustainable design that New York has to offer. Join us on December 10th for an exclusive glimpse at the entire DE SMET collection including styles that have yet to be released. We invite you to feel the fabrics, try on the styles, and learn about the process from the designer. RSVP here.


Postcard: Brooklyn Botanic Garden


Sometimes a staycation is just what the doctor ordered. My mom was in town last week and it gave me some time to set work aside (for the most part) and enjoy a few of my favorite New York activities. From outside day drinking to shopping into the night, we had a great time. One of my favorite days was at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Even though I live a few short blocks away, it is rare that I have time to spend enjoying the garden in its entirety. If you follow me on Snapchat (desmitten), you were probably sick of seeing photos of flowers and herbs (sorry)! I gathered endless inspiration for a few projects I’m working on. Follow along on instagram @desmetnyc to keep up!


Monday Mood: Nest Together

monday-mood-nest-together-desmittenOne of my favorite places for never-ending inspiration is Nest Together, an online journal focusing on thoughtful design. Together we gather. Created by Kara Town and Sanam Miremadi, Nest Together is a world that embodies inspiring design, art, interiors and architecture. A world that I get lost in for hours and I think you will too. Here are some of my favorite Nest Together features of the moment, assembled together to create my Monday mood. For even more inspiration, follow them on instagram and pinterest.
monday-mood-nest-together-desmitten monday-mood-nest-together-desmitten monday-mood-nest-together-desmitten monday-mood-nest-together-desmitten

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Le District: New York with a French Attitude

With the new Condé Nast offices in 1 World Trade center, it’s no surprise that the Financial District is getting a much-needed update. Let’s just say I haven’t been down to the Financial District in about five years, but the hottest new European outpost to hit New York, Le District made the visit worth while. Think of Le District as a French version of Eataly. With everything from a petite flower market and an extensive spice pantry to fresh-baked breads and picturesque pastries. My favorite section of course was the fromagerie, with a focus on European cheeses and a few Vermont cheeses sprinkled in the mix.  The best part of the fromagerie are the descriptive words on each cheese card which help you identify the flavors in the cheese. Some examples include luscious/fresh, zest/moss, forest floor/oozy, cake-like/fresh mushroom. Those descriptive little words alone will keep you at the counter for hours, tasting everything in sight. Elizabeth (from The Note Passer) joined me on the adventure. We grabbed some cheese and fresh bread and enjoyed sitting outside in the warm spring air looking over the Hudson River. If picnics aren’t your thing, don’t fret, Le District offers three full dining experiences within the market.  
le-district-new-york-with-a-french-attitude-fleauriste--desmitten le-district-new-york-with-a-french-attitude-fleauriste-desmitten le-district-new-york-with-a-french-attitude-cafe-desmitten le-district-new-york-with-a-french-attitude-fromagerie-desmitten le-district-new-york-with-a-french-attitude-creperie-desmitten