Best of Basics: Black Sunglasses


Finding the perfect pair of sunglasses is probably the hardest thing next to finding the perfect pair of jeans. This is true for me at least. I’ve spent the past year or so trying on hundreds of sunglasses, with my only requirement that they were solid black. Black sunglasses are the ultimate basic accessory. Black frames, black lenses, period. I don’t make my glasses choices lightly, so when I finally found this pair of Céline sunglasses, I was quick to snap them up. The angular frames, with a modern nod to a cat-eye silhouette. Absolute perfection. Do you have a favorite pair of black sunglasses?


DIY: Prada Skinny Silk Scarf

Everyone loves a simple, inexpensive way that takes your everyday look and makes it au current in an instant. The piece to do this for Fall is the skinny silk scarf we saw styled under anything and everything at the Prada Fall 2014 show.  You don’t have to pay the big bucks to get THE Prada scarf, you can make your own for a fraction of the cost. Click through for the DIY Prada skinny silk scarf tutorial…

3 Secrets to French Style

In honor of Bastille Day in France, I’m sharing the 3 secrets to French style, that I’ve learned from my French friends through the years. For an effortless, practical and put together look, try these French styling tricks…


Less is more // With makeup, steer clear of foundation, let your complexion shine through. Take a pointer from French model, Constance Jablonski who does the natural makeup look quite well. I use un-cover up by RMS Beauty to help cover up dark circles and redness, but it blends seamlessly with your skin so you don’t need an all over foundation.


Lower heels // It’s impossible to look put together when you can’t walk through the city streets in your sky-high heels. Keep it simple by wearing a lower heel. Saint Laurent has so many great options to choose from at the moment, so there is no excuse. Afraid of the kitten-heel craze? Le Fashion shares 11 Ways to Wear Kitten Heels.


A little undone // Leave one element of your look a little disheveled, whether it’s having a bit of bed head, à la Caroline de Maigret, or wearing a perfectly crumpled tee under your blazer, one undone element is the key to effortless style. To get Caroline’s unkempt locks, try Yorak’s feed your roots mousse. If you wear tees made of a linen blend, slub jersey, sand washed or have a burnout effect, they already look well-worn in, so there’s no need to sleep in it before wearing it on the streets.


Editorial Eclipse: The New Now

Editorial-Eclipse-The-New-Now-Vogue-UK-August-2014-Women's Fashion Magazine-DeSmitten

 I know, it’s too early, or just too hot, to be thinking of such cozy textures, oversized outerwear and chunky knits, but I can’t stop looking at this editorial from Vogue UK’s August 2014 issue. Photographed by Patrick Demarchelier, Julia Nobis looks stunning in The New Now defined by oversized coats tied with slim belts, architectural hats, platform shoes and sheer skirts that we could get away with wearing now. Styled with some of my favorite designers for Fall including Chloé, Céline, J.W. Anderson, Jil Sander, Haider Ackermann and Calvin Klein. I have to admit, I am setting my sights on Fall pieces to shop, I pulled some pieces inspired by this shoot, so be sure to scroll through. I will introduce my must-have pieces throughout the rest of the summer, so stay tuned!

Editorial-Eclipse-The-New-Now-Vogue-UK-August-2014-Women's Fashion Magazine-DeSmittenEditorial-Eclipse-The-New-Now-Vogue-UK-August-2014-Women's Fashion Magazine-DeSmitten Editorial-Eclipse-The-New-Now-Vogue-UK-August-2014-Women's Fashion Magazine-DeSmitten Editorial-Eclipse-The-New-Now-Vogue-UK-August-2014-Women's Fashion Magazine-DeSmitten Editorial-Eclipse-The-New-Now-Vogue-UK-August-2014-Women's Fashion Magazine-DeSmitten

Shop The New Now look for Fall…


Weekend Reading: White by Kenya Hara


When I went to the La Garçonne store, I tried on nearly the entire collection of La Garçonne Moderne, added a few things to my basics wish list, but ended up buying the book White by Kenya Hara. This book has been on my reading list for a few years and I was happy to stumble upon it while shopping. In his book, Hara explores the depth of white as a color, a feeling and almost as a spiritual entity. Living in an overly colorful world, I’ve grown very fond of the absence of color, it feels refreshing and calming. I’m only a few pages into the book, but I intend to continue my philosophical exploration of white while upstate this weekend. Here are a few quotes from the book that resonate with me.


“There is no such thing as “white.” Rather, “white” exists solely in our perception. Therefore we must not attempt to search for “white.” Instead, we must search for a way to feel whiteness…. As we achieve this rapport with white, our world glows more brightly, and its shadows deepen.”


“White can be attained by blending all the colors of the spectrum together, or through the subtraction of ink and all other pigments. In short, it is “all colors” and “no color” at the same time. This identity as a color than can “escape color” makes white very special.”