Beauty Supply DIY: Hydrating Hair Oil


Whether you spend the entire summer in the sun, or only a few choice weekends, your hair is subject to dehydration and breakage. In order to combat the harsh summer sun and drying effects of the ocean water, I took a cue from the Olsen’s hair stylist, Mark Townsend. His recipe for this DIY hydrating hair oil locks in moisture and protects your hair from the elements. After mixing the ingredients together, I used a small funnel to transfer the oil mixture into a glass bottle with eye dropper dispenser. I keep this in my beach bag and apply it to my hair as soon as I get out of the ocean or pool.

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Hydrating Hair Oil Recipe

1 Cup of raw, unrefined coconut oil

1 T Jojoba oil

1 T Macadamia oil

1 T Almond oil

1 T Vitamin E

** For brunettes, add a drop or two of carrot oil for extra shine. Carrot oil will dull blonde hair, so skip this if you have lighter locks.



DIY: Denim Hem Update


In an effort to update my denim game for fall, I went through my bag of clothes destined to sell and found this old pair of Madewell jeans which were always about 5 inches too long for me. Instead of selling them at Beacon’s Closet, I decided to give them a denim hem update. Taking inspiration from the ever illusive Vêtements jeans (which retail for around $1500), I went for a more asymmetrical cut off. Here’s how I did it…


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DIY: Honey Cinnamon Face Mask


I’m all about face masks, especially ones made from common products found in your pantry. The new addition to my weekly facial regime includes a honey cinnamon face mask and scrub. Antioxidant rich cinnamon helps soften skin while the grainy texture of raw honey acts as a natural exfoliant and anti-bacterial.

The recipe: 3 tablespoons raw honey (make sure it’s raw because it has the grainy texture that is great for non-invasive exfoliation) + 1 tablespoon organic cinnamon. Mix together until it forms a paste. Rinse face with water and pat dry. I just use my (clean) hands to apply the mask to my face. Let it sit for 15-20 minutes and then rinse with warm water. I use small circular motions to gently exfoliate as I rinse the mask away and then I apply face oil (or favorite moisturizer). I use this mask twice a week. My boyfriend uses this mask as a spot treatment to heal redness from ingrown facial hairs and zits. If using it as a spot treatment, I suggest leaving it on overnight.


DIY Organic Dry Shampoo

Do you use dry shampoo? I’ve always been a huge fan, but ever since I gave up the spray version (reasons: 1- because they are toxic 2- because they made me breakout) I’ve been on the hunt for an alternative. That’s when I decided to make my own dry powder shampoo. This DIY organic dry shampoo has a few special ingredients to avoid the ghostly white hair often associated with dry shampoo. You might think these ingredients are for baking a cake but…

Easy Hydroponics How To


As winter took its toll on New York City, I dreamt of green trees and afternoons in the park and decided we needed more greenery inside our apartment. Due to the recent death of our snake plant (over loved = over watered), I needed something simple to grow. I’ve always loved the beauty of plants in clear glass vases, but I didn’t realize this is a method of indoor growing called hydroponics. After reading this article from Domaine Home, I decided to try it out for myself. It’s been about a month, and so far, so good. Just follow this easy hydroponics how to…

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