Get Inspired: Ghirri

Paradise-Backyard--Aldo-Rossi-by-Luigi-Ghirri-desmittenDo you know when you have an image hanging on your physical inspiration board for months because it resonates with something inside you, but you don’t know much more about its origin? Well I’ve had this image (above) hanging in my office for almost a year and didn’t realize it was a photograph taken by Italian photographer, Luigi Ghirri. After exploring his work further, I couldn’t be more impressed. The colors in these images make pastels feel like neutrals. I chose to share this collection of images because it makes me nostalgic about the end of summer…luigi-ghirri-desmitten



Beauty Supply: Rosewater Spray

glossier-rose-water-clean-beauty-non-toxic-beauty-products-2-desmittenHave you jumped on the rosewater band wagon yet? If not, then this is the perfect time to jump on. Feeling hot and sweaty while running around the city all day? A little spritz not only refreshes you, but also helps reduce redness and irritation while nourishing your skin. With antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties it promotes healthy skin (and hair).I keep it next to my computer while working, it’s like a thirst-quenching drink of water for your face. I am always trying out new rosewater mists, Glossier’s soothing rosewater spray is my current go-to. Who makes your favorite rosewater mist?


Must Have: Glove Shoe


Martiniano // glove shoe // $395 flats // $540 for 1 3/4″ heel

It’s not the first time I’ve talked about the glove shoe… I mean, who wouldn’t want a shoe that fits like a glove? Made in buttery leather that forms to your foot, the glove shoe is the Fall replacement of the summer slide. Take your pick,  Martiniano // Rachel Comey// Maryam Nassir Zadeh // Celine. And beyond which designer- do you go with a flat or low heel, suede or leather? And even still, which color? Stark white or one of the brassy, buttery, vegetable colors that would add a welcomed, unexpected element to any achromatic look? I am drawn to the glove shoe because it makes me nostalgic for the hours of dance classes I took growing up. I remember how comfortable my jazz shoes were, but they were never to be worn outside on concrete, almost as if they were sacred. What is your favorite version of the glove shoe? Here are some of the many to choose from…


Rachel Comey // Calder heeled ballerina // $345 // 2″ heel


Maryam Nassir Zadeh // Roberta // $379 // 1 1/2″ heel


Celine // soft ballerinas // $590 flats // $770 for 2 1/2″ heel


Alternative Wine Glasses

A few months ago we had a bit of a disaster in our kitchen, two of the shelves in our cupboard fell, smashing all of our wine glasses in one fell swoop (ahh, renting in New York). It was probably inevitable that each glass would break eventually, but it was unexpected to lose them all at once. We made due, drinking our daily glass of wine from unassuming water glasses and I didn’t put much thought into new glasses until I found these… Alternative wine glasses, Spanish style, by the Spartan Shop. The short, stemless stature ensures longevity (unless the shelves fall again) and I find them more alluring than traditional stemware. I loved them so much, and we needed so many, that I found them on Amazon for a lot less, only $20/12. They arrived today and they are not only perfect for wine but they can double as small bowls. When I suggested they’d be great for ice cream, Dermot said… “Not for the amount of ice cream you eat… ” He speaks the truth, lol.


Project de. VII XV


All I want to wear on days like today are dresses like these… oversized, versatile and comfortable. I made this dress out of a linen/rayon which has a nice drape and breathes easy. The belts are only attached at the front and back waist which offer many ways to wear this style, but this is my favorite way to tie this dress. It isn’t a super cinched in waist, but it gives a little shape to the body. High slits with a shirt-tail hem are always a plus. I also love our new-found location… the back of the Brooklyn Museum, who knew? It was sitting at the end of our block all this time! The shadows, the light, the neutral colors, what more could I ask for?

project-de--VII-XV-linen-dress-made-in-new-york-desmittenproject-de--VII-XV-linen-dress-made-in-new-york-desmittenproject-de--VII-XV-linen-dress-made-in-new-york-desmittenproject-de--VII-XV-linen-dress-made-in-new-york-desmittenproject-de--VII-XV-linen-dress-made-in-new-york-desmittenproject-de--VII-XV-linen-dress-made-in-new-york-desmittenproject-de--VII-XV-linen-dress-made-in-new-york-desmitten project-de--VII-XV-linen-dress-made-in-new-york-desmitten