Introducing DE SMET


It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to DE SMET, a perennial wardrobe crafted & released one piece at a time. Over the years, I have focused on building an edited wardrobe while becoming more conscious of the number of items I buy throughout the year. I designed a collection which will be released monthly, piece by piece and made-to-order in New York City’s Garment District. Focusing on pure fabrics including linen, cotton, silk, flax and wool, each piece was designed to withstand the test of time. Visit DE SMET to see the first piece of the collection: a versatile wrap dress inspired by the utilitarianism of the apron, but the ease of a slip dress.


Beauty Supply: Clean Korean Beauty Routine


This 10 step skincare routine is more like the Cliff’s notes of a culture of skin pampering than an enumerated routine actually prescribed in Korea. The gentle multi-step process includes cleansing, exfoliating, treating, and intensely moisturizing to pamper and nurture your skin before bed, when repair happens the most. Elizabeth and I had heard about it and wanted to give it a try, but couldn’t find a version made up of only clean products. Being that there is such an incredible amount of product involved, we decided to gather up our favorite clean products and test out the routine. What follows is our conversation around the whole process as well as our findings and recommendations.


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Best of Basics: Elevated Menorcan Sandal


Last week I stopped by the Maiyet sample sale where I was looking for potential wedding dress options (no luck) but I found the most comfortable and chic desert sandals. An elevated version of the traditional Menorcan style sandal, with the softest leather toe and metal tipped tie at the ankle. The silhouette is more streamlined than the traditional Menorcan sandals. The ankle strap is a welcome addition to this classic summer sandal. Now if the weather would just warm up enough to wear them…


A Moment at Totokaelo


It’s no secret that Totokaelo is one of my favorite stores. Not only do they curate a thoughtful collection of designers, but the space is perfectly minimal. Here are a few moments from my visit to Totokaelo last week when I tried on the dreamiest wool coat from The Row.

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Monday Mood: Low Pony

monday-mood-beauty-supply-low-pony-messy-bun-easy-hair-desmittenMonday mornings aren’t always easy, luckily, your hairstyle can be. The low pony is making a major comeback, and the messier the better. Whether adorned with barretteszip ties or a simple string, this is a full proof look that is equivalent to beach waves or bedhead. I especially love when the locks linger somewhere between pony and bun. I’ve gathered my favorite versions of this easy chic hairstyle for your browsing pleasure. For more beauty inspiration go here.