Postcard From DIA Beacon


This past weekend I spent the day in one of my all-time favorite museums, DIA Beacon. Located just over an hour outside of New York City, it is well worth the day trip. As a former Nabisco box factory with over 34,000 square feet of skylights, the industrial space was repurposed into a museum in 2003.

The contemporary art that fills the galleries of this museum range from minimal to massive. From the delicate linear drawings of Sol LeWitt and the Robert Smithson mirrored sand pieces, to the monumental Richard Serra installation that inspired the DE SMET Asymmetrical Overcoat.

Postcard-from-DIA-Beacon-contemporary-art-Sol-LeWitt-escape-New-York-City-day-trip-desmitten Postcard-from-DIA-Beacon-contemporary-art-richard-serra-escape-New-York-City-day-trip-desmitten Postcard-from-DIA-Beacon-contemporary-art-robert-smithson-escape-New-York-City-day-trip-2-desmitten Postcard-from-DIA-Beacon-contemporary-art-fred-sandback-escape-New-York-City-day-trip-desmitten