Winter Wardrobe Update: Sweater Styling


Mid-February marks the restless wardrobe syndrome for most winter weather wardrobe wearers. For the past few days we’ve hit a warm streak here in New York, but there are plenty of frigid days in our near future. If you are like me and struggle from restless wardrobe syndrome, then you are always looking for new ways to style your wears (as an alternative to buying new pieces). Today I am highlighting some of my favorites sweater styling tricks that can instantly update your look and your overall wardrobe mood. Anyone can throw on a sweater over jeans, but layering sweaters and tying them asymmetrically feels fresh and as a bonus adds extra warmth. From the Fall 2017 runways, Preen layers a chunky cable knit under a bustier and creates the effect of the of-the-season strong sleeve silhouette. To get the same look as seen at Eudon Choi, put your head and right sleeve through the sweater and twist the left sleeve towards the front while draping the rest of the sweater over your right shoulder. It exudes the ultimate laid back ease attitude. Pringle of Scotland redefines a twin-set by draping an open cardigan over one shoulder and tying the sleeves asymmetrically across the body at the waist. One of my favorite ways to wear an extra sweater is from the Fall 2014 Lemaire runway, tied around the neck like a scarf seen on his runway and in the campaign for his collaboration with Uniqlo. Do you have any favorite sweater styling tricks?


One thought on “Winter Wardrobe Update: Sweater Styling

  1. it’s a good i like the winter collection’s mainly the sweater is very mandatory for the winter season it’s protect the body and maintain worm feeling. your style design sweater is very good looking and i like your sweater fabric. this all the best winter clothes i had never seen before thanks for sharing huge amount of design and stylish sweaters i’m also using this type of sweaters at winter season. chunky cable knit sweater is very good looking and the Eudon Choi, right hand sleeve is very modern looking. the neck scarf sweater is very sporty looking it’s a great looking and way of preseting style is very modern and i like the photography sweater thanks for sharing the blog.

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