Interior Inspiration: Warm Minimalist Home


When I express my ideal minimalist home to most people, they cringe at the idea of how stark and cold it could feel. The home of Daphne Javitch is the epitome of a warm minimalist home. With a sofa fit for lounging, a single green plant and bookshelves filled with endless inspiration, it’s my ideal space.  Located on the Lower East Side, it’s a great retreat from the bustling, crowded and dirty streets of New York City. Her and her husband’s design aesthetic is very similar to myself and Dermot; We edit each other’s design ideas and design our own furniture with the helping hands of Dermot’s talented wood working father. We are going upstate this weekend to give him our sofa and kitchen credenza designs, so stay tuned on the final pieces.


interior-inspiration-warm-minimalist-home-interior-design-Daphne-Javitch-4-desmitteninterior-inspiration-warm-minimalist-home-interior-design-Daphne-Javitch-2-desmitten interior-inspiration-warm-minimalist-home-interior-design-Daphne-Javitch-desmitten

See more images of Daphne’s home and read about her wellness practices here.


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