Renewed Resolutions 2017


Happy New Year! Today is a day of reflection and renewed resolutions. I use this day to review the past year and remind myself of what is most important. Here are my renewed resolutions for 2017…

Consume less and make informed purchases. Most people don’t realize how powerful their dollar actually is. 70% of America’s economy is based on what we buy. So support designers, companies and brands that you believe in. This is the best way to “vote” and make change. From food and soap purchases to shoes and clothes, know your brands. Buycott is a helpful app to use when shopping for food and household items. Simply enter the campaigns that you are for and against (examples: Against animal testing, for women’s rights) and use Buycott to scan the bar code to discover how a manufacturer matches up against your principles.

Unplug. We are all addicted to technology, it’s no secret, but sometimes it consumes us. In an effort to stay present in the moment, I will put my phone away in the evenings after work. For a more restful night’s sleep I will start reading before bed instead of watching Netflix. It’s better for the mind. I will continue to share what I’m reading in the Weekend Reading series, so stay tuned.

Create. Continue to build a perennially relevant wardrobe for DE SMET focused on purest fabrics, essential function and timelessness. Creating original content for DeSmitten is challenging, but rewarding. I would love to hear what you would like to read more about on this site. Leave a comment on this post or contact me directly.

Image from DE SMET by Valeria Castillo.