Beauty Supply: Vitamin E Oil


Last time I spoke about cold weather facial hydration I raved about the Dr. Haushka Rose Day Cream. Now that the weather is cold, I use it every morning instead of at night. In the evening after I shower or wash my face, I apply Vitamin E Oil to lock in the moisture until morning. Not only does it help retain your skin’s natural moisture, it prevents water loss as well. Vitamin E Oil is very heavy compared to my summertime favorite, jojoba oil. I don’t recommend using Vitamin E during the day as it takes a very long time to absorb into your skin and leaves you looking shiny. The best part of using oils over moisturizers is that they are pure, with no additives or toxins, just pure oil. Whenever possible, I buy organic oils to ensure their purity. What do you use to keep your skin moisturized through the winter?