Beauty Supply: Agave Lip Mask


I don’t wear lip color… ever…  My lips naturally have a barely berry hue, so I never felt the need to wear added color. Until recently that is. With our wedding coming up in less than two months (eek!) I thought it would be nice to have the tiniest bit of color on my lips for the big day. My makeup artist recommended the Agave Lip Mask by Bite Beauty, and I am in love. At first, I thought I would get the clear mask, just to hydrate, plump and condition my lips with the tiniest bit of glossy sheen. But once I got to Sephora and saw the color options, I went for the darkest color they offer, smashed. I just add a touch to the center of my lips and push my lips together to smooth out. It looks like I just ate a cherry and it stained my lips every so slightly. The best part of the Agave Lip Mask is how it makes your lips feel throughout the day. They feel protected from the elements, hydrated and conditioned. Once the lip mask wears off (after about three hours without eating or drinking) my lips felt exfoliated and smooth. The texture is sticky, but not like the horrible lip glosses of the early 2000’s. It feels more like a face mask, on your lips. I highly recommend this to my fellow low-maintenance, clean-beauty addicts.