DIY: Denim Hem Update


In an effort to update my denim game for fall, I went through my bag of clothes destined to sell and found this old pair of Madewell jeans which were always about 5 inches too long for me. Instead of selling them at Beacon’s Closet, I decided to give them a denim hem update. Taking inspiration from the ever illusive Vêtements jeans (which retail for around $1500), I went for a more asymmetrical cut off. Here’s how I did it…


 1 // Try on your jeans, mark the center of front and back of legs at hem. Mark where you want the longest point of the hem, all measurements are measured from there.

2 // Take your jeans off and lay them flat on the table. Use chalk or pencil to mark all lines on the outside of your jeans. See image below for cutting measurements.



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