Project de. VII XV


All I want to wear on days like today are dresses like these… oversized, versatile and comfortable. I made this dress out of a linen/rayon which has a nice drape and breathes easy. The belts are only attached at the front and back waist which offer many ways to wear this style, but this is my favorite way to tie this dress. It isn’t a super cinched in waist, but it gives a little shape to the body. High slits with a shirt-tail hem are always a plus. I also love our new-found location… the back of the Brooklyn Museum, who knew? It was sitting at the end of our block all this time! The shadows, the light, the neutral colors, what more could I ask for?

project-de--VII-XV-linen-dress-made-in-new-york-desmittenproject-de--VII-XV-linen-dress-made-in-new-york-desmittenproject-de--VII-XV-linen-dress-made-in-new-york-desmittenproject-de--VII-XV-linen-dress-made-in-new-york-desmittenproject-de--VII-XV-linen-dress-made-in-new-york-desmittenproject-de--VII-XV-linen-dress-made-in-new-york-desmittenproject-de--VII-XV-linen-dress-made-in-new-york-desmitten project-de--VII-XV-linen-dress-made-in-new-york-desmitten