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There are so many clean beauty products coming out these days, it is hard to keep up, but alas, I am trying. Recently, Elizabeth from The Note Passer, recommended the Boscia Black Mask in her Spring Clean Your Skin Care Routine post. After chatting about it with her over tea, and multiple texts about application and photos of me in the Boscia Black Mask, I added this to my weekly beauty routine. Elizabeth researched each ingredient on the package to make sure there were no harmful chemicals or additives to the product, thanks so much!

Now let’s get down to it, what is this mask all about? One of the only peel-off masks that show results without major damage to my sensitive skin, the Boscia Black Mask is effective without being too harsh. Pay close attention where you apply this mask, avoiding lip, eyebrow and hairline areas because when you peel it off, it might take some hair along with it. Be sure to apply the mask evenly and heavily. This will make it easier to peel off in the end.  As advertised, this mineral-rich mask purifies, detoxifies and brightens your skin. It does leave my face red, so I would recommend only using it at night. After peeling the mask away, I use my Binchotan Charcoal facial puff to get any residue out of my pores and then I apply Tata Harper’s Beautifying Face Oil. The redness is gone by morning and my face was left feeling soft and radiant. I now use the Boscia Black Mask two to three times a week.


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