Downfall of my 5 Piece Wardrobe


It’s only March and I’ve already bought 5 pieces for this season, maxing out my 5 Piece French Wardrobe. I know, I’ve been bad, there are still 3.5 months to go. In my defense, I didn’t buy any new clothes or shoes for the first two months of the year. That being said, our upcoming trip to California, The Real Real and an amazing sample sale are all to blame for my March binge shopping and the downfall of my 5 Piece Wardrobe.

Downfall #1 // I usually don’t get excited about shopping for spring until the weather is actually warm, which is probably why I was so good last year with my 5 Piece Wardrobe. Our upcoming trip to California had me dreaming of flat sandals and easy summer dresses much earlier than usual…

Downfall #2 // With my mind on warmer weather, I knew my sandal collection was a bit bare and my mind was consumed by sandals of the slide and lace-up varieties. That’s when I turned to The Real Real. If you don’t know about The Real Real refer to this post, ok, are you caught up now? I found two pairs of sandals to complete my summer sandal collection, for a fraction of the retail cost. A pair of brand new Newbark slides for $112 (retail $495, pictured above) and a pair of gently used Céline lace up sandals for $140 (retail $500+).

Downfall #3 // The bi-annual A Détacher sample sale (which I missed last season) was the ultimate demise of my 5 Piece Wardrobe because of the crazy good deals (everything was under $275) and everything was made in New York. I expanded my wardrobe into prints, color and texture with the three pieces I bought at the sale. Keep an eye on instagram, these pieces are sure to make an appearance while we are in California.

Let’s be clear, I don’t feel bad about any of my purchases, actually I am quite excited about the great finds. The real reason for a 5 Piece Wardrobe each season is to build a small, edited wardrobe of pieces that I love and actually wear. I feel like the pieces I bought this month will be in my forever wardrobe and that is the ultimate goal. I will try very hard to be good for the next 3.5 months, but only time will tell.