5 Piece French Wardrobe Rules for 2015


You heard me go on and on about the 5 Piece French Wardrobe challenge last year. After successfully completing one season, I found the second half of 2014 most challenging. The above photo is evidence of this… I doubled the amount of grey sweaters in my wardrobe last season… oops! As a person who rarely gives up, I decided to give it another go this year. Also, because why wouldn’t we want to be more like the French women of the world? Building a well edited, forever wardrobe is essential, and this is especially true as we get older – I only have one month left of my 20’s… agh! I realized the rules needed a few adjustments this time around because last year my definitions were rather vague. You’ll see the amendments in italics for my 5 Piece French Wardrobe rules for 2015.

1 // Allowed to buy 5 pieces each season (2 seasons per year: January-June & July-December).

2 // Basics don’t count towards the 5 pieces (unless they are over $200).

3 // Accessories (i.e. belts, jewelry, underwear, hosiery, scarves, sunglasses etc.) don’t count towards the five pieces (unless they have a price tag higher than $200).

4 // Shoes count.

I think that about wraps it up… stay tuned for updates!


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