5 Piece French Wardrobe Update Season II

You haven’t heard me mention the 5 Piece French Wardrobe in a while, probably because I wasn’t so strict the second time around. It’s not that I loaded up on unnecessary crazy fashion pieces this season, but I bulked up my basics game, big time. One of the rules of the 5 piece french wardrobe is that basics don’t count towards the 5 pieces. I think I have to alter this rule slightly. If it costs more than $100, it should absolutely count towards one of the 5 pieces of the season. The whole point of the 5 piece french wardrobe is to scale up, but pare down. Accumulate fewer pieces but better quality items. I accumulated a lot this season, through gifts and gift certificates, and from my shopping excursions. I came across some great sample sale deals, eBay finds and designer collaborations that I couldn’t pass up. I only have a few regrets (two items are already in the “to sell” bag), but all other pieces are in my forever wardrobe. Any way you slice it, I over shopped this season and plan to do better in the new year. Here is a roundup of my favorite 5 pieces of this season.


1. +J white tuxedo shirt // From the Jil Sander for Uniqlo collection. The tiny collar is perfect for layering under sweaters and blazers without added bulk around your neck. I wear this all the time.

2. Marc by Marc Jacobs wool kimono coat // I bought this last season, but since I wasn’t wearing it then, I thought it should count towards this season’s 5 pieces. It was a major sample sale score and I am proud of myself for buying a not-so-neutral blue (color!) coat. It pairs perfectly with jeans.

3. R13 light wash denim // I love the casual, chill vibe of these R13 jeans. Not ideal for wearing at this very moment, but they already feel like I’ve worn them for years. Come springtime, I won’t be able to take them off. Another great sample sale deal. (I’m wearing them here).

4. KARA backpack // Clean, modern, minimal with a slight nod to 90’s nostalgia. I wear this bag everyday.

5. Proenza Schouler patent loafers // An early Christmas gift from my boyfriend’s parents. They are great to wear with socks or sans socks.