DIY: White Lace Up Shirt


If you’ve been following my < runway > board on Pinterest, or even taken a look at any of the Spring 2015 collections, you’d know that the lace-up detail is having a major moment in fashion. If you need more proof, read this Into The Gloss article and this Who What Wear post. Are you all caught up? Ok, good. This is why I thought a DIY white lace up shirt was in order. The icing on the cake? Coming across this shirt dress (pictured above) from the Isabel Marant.


Be sure to click through for the how-to…


Step one // Gather your tools: 1 Men’s XL Shirt (I bought mine on sale at H&M – Men’s shirts work best because they are roomy and don’t have a lot of detail. I chose one with no pockets). About 1 foot of white shiny ribbon to make loops (this amount allows for 6 loops. Shiny qualities let the tie glide through easily) + 3 to 4 yards of 1/4″ double-faced black velvet trim (this amount can be more or less depending on your size and how many times you want to wrap the belt around your waist. Velvet works well because it will stay in place once tied) + white thread + fabric scissors + pins + ruler + sewing machine.

DIY-Lace-up-white-shirt-desmitten Step two // Measure 2″ from side seam, about 6″ below armhole and place two crossed pins. This is where I placed my loops, but I suggest you try the shirt on, find your natural waist and mark it with a pin. This should be the top or bottom loop placement (depending on where you want your lace up to end). Pin two more crosses, 1 1/2″ apart vertically. This marks your ribbon loop placement.


Step three // Cut 6 x 1 3/4″ long pieces of white ribbon for loops.


Step four // Fold the ribbon pieces in half to form a loop.


Step five // Pin loops horizontally, spaced 1 1/2″ apart.


Step six // Create a 1/4″ pleat, folded towards center front to sew over and secure the ends of the ribbon loops.DIY-Lace-up-white-shirt-7-desmitten Step seven // Using a sewing machine, stitch as close to the edge as possible to make sure you catch the ends of the loops in the pleat.

DIY-Lace-up-white-shirt-8-desmitten Step eight // As always, I like to shorten the sleeve, you don’t have to, it’s a personal preference. I like a full straight sleeve so I cut off the cuff and sleeve placket and add a 1″ hem to the sleeve.

DIY-Lace-up-white-shirt-9-desmitten Step nine // Based on where your natural waist hits, you can lace up the shirt from top to bottom or vice versa. I chose to lace mine from bottom to top using the velvet ribbon.DIY-Lace-up-white-shirt-10-desmitten

 Step ten // Finish lacing up your shirt and wrap the extra velvet ribbon around your waist as many times as you want. I prefer to tie it in the back.


Step eleven // Wear it! I am wearing my DIY White Lace Up Shirt with R13 chaps, Rachel Comey boots and Elizabeth and James sunglasses.