Best of Basics: Céline Nude Heels

Since I’ve exhausted my 5 Piece French Wardrobe for the first half of this year, I am turning my shopping sites to the basics. The ultimate shoe basic is a perfect pair of nude heels. Earlier this week I found my match, a pair of nude heels from Céline, and at half off no less. What makes these the perfect nude heels? Let me count the ways…

1 // The slingback gives a slightly sexier, more laid back vibe than the traditional closed heel pump.

2 // The heel height is high enough to dress up any look while allowing you to walk/dance/swiftly run down the subway stairs to catch a train, without falling flat on your face.

 3 // The color matches my skin tone enough to do what nude heels are meant to, elongate the leg. The pointed toe helps with this optical illusion as well. Word of advice when shopping for your perfect pair of nude heels… go with patent leather rather than matte leather. The shiny leather finish will pick up more of your skin tone for a closer color match.

best-of-basics-celine-nude-heels-barneys- nude-shoes-womens-fashion-desmitten

Let me know if you have any pieces you’d like me to scout out for the Best of Basics series!


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