May List

May days are upon us and I have so much on my mind this month…Web

To Do: Drag my boyfriend to the New York City Ballet. I won’t have to do much convincing this time, Lil’ Buck’s street-style-meets-ballet dance moves are enough to get anyone to the ballet. This weekend is the first of a handful of performances featuring Lil’ Buck for the company’s 2014 Art Series “piece d’occasion”. If you need any convincing that this is a must see, watch a little preview here.

To Wear: A little love for the upper ear, this Loren Stewart rose gold ear cuff will look great on sun-kissed summer skin… now if the sun would just stay out for a minute!

To Shop:  You’ve heard it here before, I am a huge fan of uniform dressing and unisex apparel… Especially because my old Assistant Designer (cuter male version of me) and I would show up to the office in matching outfits more often than not. I must grab him for a lunch date soon so we can try on the new collection of unisex trousers (and one admittedly stylish button down) from 1.61. The slim-through-the-hip trousers remind me of a pair of vintage men’s military pants I wear on occasion (see them here), but with all the upgrades I would make… a tapered leg and lighter weight fabric – making them the perfect alternative to jeans (especially for summer).

To Beautify:  – Usually my fragrances are given to me by loved ones and co-workers, so I’ve been able to avoid the spritz-happy fragrance counter for years. In the meantime, Commodity was born and answered all my shop-for-fragrance prayers. Commodity offers an ideal e-commerce experience: they send you a selection of premium samples to wear and once you decide which suits you best, you can order a full size bottle to wear everyday. I was initially drawn in by their minimal packaging design, but their creative approach to shopping online convinced me this is the way to find my new summer scent. I’ll let you know how it all turns out.

To See: There are so many exhibits to see this month, but the one I am looking forward to most is Tim Barber’s Photography show, Relations at Capricious 88. Barber’s photography explores relationships between people, between people and their surroundings and ultimately the exhibit turns into an exploration of the viewer’s relation to his work. It will be a nice change to view his  photographs in a physical space instead of through a computer monitor.


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