Spring Cravings: White Everything

It looks like I am swopping out black for white this season, are you surprised? At the moment, I can’t get enough white in my life, between the white blooms on the flowering trees and the overwhelming amount of white apparel available in stores at the moment, it makes me want my entire black wardrobe duplicated in white. While that would be my dream come true, it isn’t likely, so I set my eyes on a few new white pieces for the season. Since they’re white they are considered basics right? (5 Piece French Wardrobe challenge is harder than I thought)!

I took this photo on our street yesterday and then did some shopping. I tried on these two white gems at Zara, the crisp white poplin top is cropped and voluminous, a must have staple for this season. You’ve heard me go on and on about my search for the perfect white jeans, well I think I found them! It has taken me so long because I was always going for white skinny jeans, when all along, white distressed boyfriend jeans were my secret soul mate.



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