Rachel Comey Sale

Yes the holidays are just around the corner, but the Rachel Comey sale is my favorite shopping holiday of the season. I do the bulk of my shoe shopping at this sample sale because they sell original shoe samples for $100, or three pairs for $250, which is about half the retail cost of one pair of  Rachel Comey shoes. Who can pass up that deal? Not this girl! So this is what I picked up at the sale yesterday.

For a full recap of what to expect at the sample sale, which is open to the public today, read my review on Racked.

Rachel Comey Perforated Leather Tote bag | DeSmittenBlack Rachel Comey Boot | DeSmitten Black Rachel Comey Boot | DeSmitten Archer Rachel Comey Shoe | DeSmittenArcher Rachel Comey Shoe | DeSmitten

Remember when I fell immediately in love with the Archer shoes? Now they have a special place in my closet!


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