Minimal Gallery Wall

Minimalism takes great restraint and editing, and it is one of the things I respect most of artists and designers who master this skill. Earlier this month I was inspired by the idea of a graphic yet minimal gallery wall, visit this post for reference. Then someone commented on a minimal piece of art that I pinned, simply saying, “Really, this is art?” These two events inspired this post.

I love minimal artwork because of its graphic nature, its clear openness for interpretation and the fact that I never get sick of looking at it. I put together a collection of minimal, graphic art that would make up my dream gallery wall (if I had unlimited funds), featuring some of my favorite artists; Cy Twombly, Agnes Martin, Ellsworth Kelly, Sharon Etgar,  Suzan Frecon and more

A graphic yet minimal gallery wall curated with art from Cy Twombly, Agnes Martin, Ellsworth Kelly, Sharon Etgar, Suzan Frecon, interior design, minimal art | DeSmitten Design Blog