Rustic Contemporary Planters for Your Inside Garden

It’s that time again! The time to shop for kitchen window planters for our herb garden. If you remember last year, I dreamt of Mod Pots, but they ended up being too small. So, this year I am leaning more towards planters that have a rustic contemporary feel in neutral, organic colors.

Rustic Contemporary Planters from West Elm, Helen Levi, Let's Get Muddy, Farrah Sit, Love Bug Kiko, Naya Studios | DeSmitten

Farrah Sit Hanging Planter / Wave Planter / Love Bug Kiko Ceramic Dot Planter / Helen Levi Gilded Eye Planter / Lets Get Muddy Raku Planter /  Helen Levi Red and White Pot / Naya Studios Mid – Century Nesting Planter  / Dune Planter 


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