Fall Styling Tips Taken from Proenza Schouler

I’ve been very into backstage photos lately, so bear with me. Today when I was reviewing the Proenza Schouler Fall 2012 photos, I saw more than casual images of intricately made clothing, I put together some simple styling tips for getting dressed this season.

Don’t be afraid of wearing white for Fall. Focus on structured silhouettes in seasonal fabrications (i.e. wool) and pair your whites with of-the-moment accessories.

Two of my favorite neutrals, Navy + Black always look fresh when worn together.

As a woman with an abundance of black in her closet, my best advice is to buy black pieces that aren’t too basic. Buying black items that have an edge and make a statement are pieces that you will wear year after year.

Wear autumn shades in luxe fabrics and rich textures.

Not much for wearing color? Me either, but layering your colors with non-colors like black, navy and grey makes it easier to wear.


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