Mod Pots

I finally bought herbs to grow in my kitchen, so far so good, they haven’t died yet… its been 3 days. The poor little guys are sitting in their store-bought plastic containers, in desperate need of new, stylish homes. Ginger Mint, Sweet Basil and Rosemary were my herbs of choice, and I am partial to putting them into some-what-mod planters. If I had an unlimited budget, and didn’t have the rest of the apartment to furnish, here are some of the planters I would buy…

metal stand planter $98.  striped planter with tripod $110.geo planter $54. tripod pot $46. 

Do you know of any other fabulous planters for less?


4 thoughts on “Mod Pots

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  2. All stunning. And I can relate – the longest I’ve kept a plant alive was one week. But I’d love to have an herb garden someday!

  3. I used big mason jars for mine. used a martha chalkboard sticker to write the herb on. i’ll send a picture.

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