Bicycle Styling

I am joining the rest of the Brooklynites and becoming part of the bike brigade! My boyfriend picked up this Vintage Huffy Venture for $30! Now the real question is, how am I going to style it? And how am I going to style myself? I love how these fabulous ladies styled their looks for bike riding!

(images above from the sartorialist and pinterest)

There is nothing cute about a bike helmet, no one looks fashionable or chic…. but my boyfriend insists upon me wearing one… Do you think any of the above looks would be so chic with a helmet added to the mix? I think not!  So here are my two options at the moment… Option 1: ProTec Helmet, a little more sporty than my normal style. Option 2: and dutch Helmet, a much more fashionable option covered in leather…  with a much larger price tag!

Do you have any other suggestions?


4 thoughts on “Bicycle Styling

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  2. Too cool! I have an old Schwinn I am going to re-furb this summer. I was thinking about doing a cool turquoise, but the glossy black is stunning! Speaking of bikes in Brooklyn, are there any bike rental joints? My beau and I will be there the last week of March, would be fun to do the bridge on a bike!

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