A Marni Morning

I woke up early this morning to get my hands on some Marni for H&M goods…. As a designer for “designer collaborations” this is the first one that I have actually waited in line/woke up early/been extremely excited about! Going into it, I thought the clothes were a little too loud in print/color for me, but I was pleasantly surprised with the array of subtle stripes and solids! I even ventured into the Men’s section to pick up a striped cashmere sweater for only $60! Also, I was hoping this collection would fill my¬† statement-jewelry-that-doesn’t-break-the-bank category, but I was only able to come across one bracelet set after fighting a 60-something woman who had an overflowing bag of jewelry. So here are my purchases! Did you have a Marni Morning?


2 thoughts on “A Marni Morning

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  2. i tried and failed. I wanted the silver platforms and/or sandals and one of those crazy necklaces. Glad you were successful, but also a little jealous.

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