Detroit Style

I am from a suburb of Detroit, and I spent a lot of time growing up in the city. I did a lot of volunteer work with my mom…we would fix up old homes for elderly people, volunteer at the soup kitchens… but we also enjoy the city for all it has to offer. The Detroit Institute of Art was my first museum visit, and still one of my favorite museums in the world. In high school I spent a lot of time taking photos downtown. Nothing as elaborate as the images below, but the same idea. These images from the book, Ruins of Detroit show the destruction that has set over the city in the past decade. Pablo Picasso once said, “Every act of creation is first an act of destruction.” I gave this book to my dad (a retired Detroit firefighter) for father’s day, he said he’s been in fires in most of these buildings. I hope the city gets restored  to its original beauty, but for now enjoy the beautiful destruction…

How fitting for this Motor City tee to be so distressed… just like the city

This is the Michigan Central Train station, designed by the same architects who designed Grand Central in New York.

Johnny Knoxville did a 3 part mini-documentary about Detroit… here, here and here


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  1. May Detroit be restored to how I remember it as a little girl……..great blog sweetheart, XOXOX mOm

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