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Right now at my office we are having a huge Stylesight vs. WGSN debate. We are deciding between the 2 very influential trend forecasting sites. I would love to know what you like best (or if there are any others that are must sees).


I find Stylesight much easier to navigate and more focused.


WGSN has great reports though.


16 thoughts on “Stylesight VS. WGSN

  1. Stylesight is the worse trend service I have ever used. There is better information out there for FREE!!!!
    I am not sure who this company employs but as a creative director I don’t see how this service can even call themselves a trend company – it is extremely weak in its trend content not something that should ever be used as a main source of your fashion needs.

  2. This topic seems outdated, are there any updates?

    As from 2009 – sep 2012 WGSN seems to consolidate where Stylesight continues to get stronger and, also important budget-wise, a lot cheaper. WGSN is more than double in price than Stylesight. When most fashion resources come from WGSN one might think all fashion might get more of the same, a different angle might just do the trick?

    Please share your recent experience with Stylesight on this topic, so we know what to choose.

  3. I am keen to hear any updates? Has WGSN impovred over the last two years? or does Stylesight continue to get stronger and stronger? also any difference in price? I hear SS offers much better value?

  4. I think you are missing out – consider for the best of both worlds – clearly laid out site, fully vectorised and editable graphic library continuously updated, insightful reports on business, trade fairs, city guides not to forget the all important trend intelligence focussing 24 months ahead of season and committed to in the world renowned Trendbooks.. for designers by designers…

  5. I have been using WGSN for nearly a year w my company & found it very rich in information. Im always on top of news & headlines but is sometimes overwhelmed with all the reading content. Then we got a trial w Stylesight & loved it. They offer fresh, focused info & most importantly relevant photos. This is MAJOR for me as a Creative Director who is constantly searching the web for validating images, researching concept ads & pictures to support my designs. I am now a constant & loyal user of both sites. But if i were to highlight 1 important point of differ, it would be this; Stylesight has a dedicated section for young mens where WGSN has menswear which is too mature & older boys whiach is too young & a youth section which is too broad. But lets be clear folks..the 2 are the best in the game right now.
    Other trend sites are
    Fashion Snoops- still ok but i’ve moved on
    Denimhead – although they feature other product, they are the best for focus on denim

  6. WGSN helps connect Adidas to trends in the best way possible. With WGSN we have an eye and an ear on what is happening in fashion, sportswear and the wider world of design so we can make sure we work with directions relevant to our market. It is invaluable to our business.

  7. omg, all these wgsn sellers trying to sell a 10 year old technology platform for incredibly high prices with little or no useful content. Please get off it and move to the innovators at Stylesight. I’ve been a subscriber to Stylesight for 3 years and all they do is add new stuff all the time and their technology rocks.

  8. WGSN has been at the forefront of trend forecasting for years with a phenomenal track record, success rate and client roster.
    I experienced its team’s talents when I doing Fashion PR in London,England.
    What you see on the runway today and tomorrow, expect that WGSN played a hand in it.

  9. We’ve been using WGSN for 10 years with a one year hiatus where we trialed other sites. Stylesite was great and very user friendly, but there was just no comparison with the amount of information wgsn supplies. We had to re subscribe to WGSN, we could not live without it.
    Once you’ve used it for awhile, you can find your way around blind folded. Its just abit confusing at first. I went back today searching for Chloe 2001 summer collections to find a specific print, it took me about 2 min’s to find!

  10. – 200 designers
    – 10 years of experience and good track record
    – Over 3000 years of experience
    – 30000 users
    – Coverage of 140 Tradeshows per year, 10 000 street shots, 22,000 catwalk images, 120,000 What’s in Store images and trend reporting from 50 the world’s leading design cities
    – Over 20,000 new images added to the site every month

    No other forecasters even come close to this.

    We here at WGSN have confirmed more colours, styles, shapes, trends then any other business. We really do define and shape winning style and design.

    The Stylesight is easy to find things on because there is a lot less stuff. As our content richness has grown and grown it has meant that there is a wealth of information to wade through. We think it is better to have depth and value.

    The proof really is in the pudding though, so any Stylesight customer who wonders, they are welcome to have a free trial of WGSN and see for themselves.
    Just go to or email me on

  11. I am meeting with stylesite tomorrow to begin this same debate, I would love to here others opinions as well!

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