Kelly Wearstler, You Have the Top Design

 Although I find the show Top Design kind of cheesy (not the challenges but the way they are so dramatic when saying “We could not live with your design”) I find that I watch it to see what Kelly Wearstler is going to wear. She can pull off any look with her big hair and petite frame. Not only is her personal style daring but her interior style is super elegant! Here are some of my favorite outfits of Kelly’s:



 Kelly has done it all, from designing beautiful resorts and hotels…


 to publishing books and having her own collection of decorative pieces at Bergdorf Goodman.


  Although she does elegant resorts and extravegant homes she can also make a small simple space look luxurious:


6 thoughts on “Kelly Wearstler, You Have the Top Design

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  2. as an interior designer i find it sad to say that i also watch top design to see what kelly is going to show up looking like in the judging room.
    priceless television.

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