Beauty Supply DIY: Hydrating Hair Oil


Whether you spend the entire summer in the sun, or only a few choice weekends, your hair is subject to dehydration and breakage. In order to combat the harsh summer sun and drying effects of the ocean water, I took a cue from the Olsen’s hair stylist, Mark Townsend. His recipe for this DIY hydrating hair oil locks in moisture and protects your hair from the elements. After mixing the ingredients together, I used a small funnel to transfer the oil mixture into a glass bottle with eye dropper dispenser. I keep this in my beach bag and apply it to my hair as soon as I get out of the ocean or pool.

beauty-supply-diy-hydrating-hair-oil-mary-kate-and-ashley-olsen-mark-townsend-desmitten beauty-supply-diy-hydrating-hair-oil-mary-kate-and-ashley-olsen-mark-townsend-3-desmitten

Hydrating Hair Oil Recipe

1 Cup of raw, unrefined coconut oil

1 T Jojoba oil

1 T Macadamia oil

1 T Almond oil

1 T Vitamin E

** For brunettes, add a drop or two of carrot oil for extra shine. Carrot oil will dull blonde hair, so skip this if you have lighter locks.



Straw Hat Roundup


Whether you are beach lounging, hill hiking or city dwelling this long holiday weekend, a straw hat is the most necessary accessory to protect you from the sun. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect straw hat for months. From crown height and brim length to the perfect color for your skin tone, the options are boundless. I’ve rounded up my favorites below, but the only way to find the perfect straw hat is to try them on…


Interior Inspiration: A Minimalist Beach House


It’s hard to believe it is the last week of August! As a tribute to the end of summer, I will share all things summer related this week. First off, this minimalist beach house in South Africa. The layered textures and neutral palette make for a cozy yet breezy beach house. The views of the ocean are enough to make you long for a longer summer.

south-africa-minimalist-beach-house-desmitten south-africa-minimalist-beach-house-6-desmitten south-africa-minimalist-beach-house-2-desmitten south-africa-minimalist-beach-house-8-desmitten south-africa-minimalist-beach-house-9-desmitten

Photography ©Warren-heath via Inside Out magazine


Best of Basics: Araks Black Bikini


There’s nothing more classic than a black bikini. Finding the bikini that fits your body and style respectively isn’t always easy. I’ve gone through dozens of bikinis through the years and recently I finally found the perfect one, the Araks black bikini. With asymmetrical straps, a low hipster bottom and simple silver closure, there’s nothing more classically suited for the beach or pool.


Editorial Eclipse: Between the Lines


The modern architecture of the Smith House sets the scene for this Wallpaper* Magazine editorial featuring sculptural silhouettes with bold details. Cedric Bihr balances the beauty of the architecture with the simplicity of the clothing, giving them equal play in his images. Model Chiara Mazzoleni’s muted makeup and barely-done hair highlight her natural features which also have an architectural allure.


Wallpaper-Magazine-March-2016-between-the-lines-7 Wallpaper-Magazine-March-2016-between-the-lines-4 Wallpaper-Magazine-March-2016-between-the-lines-8Wallpaper-Magazine-March-2016-between-the-lines-12 Wallpaper-Magazine-March-2016-between-the-lines-1 Wallpaper-Magazine-March-2016-between-the-lines-3