Editorial Eclipse: Laid Back Daria

Nothing like a little laid back Daria Werbowy editorial to brighten a rainy day like today. Daria looking amazing in the May 2014 issue of Marie Claire Russia. Perfectly undone locks, always a favorite. Relaxed styling, yes please. Slight rocker vibe, don’t mind if I do.

Marie_Claire_Russia_2014-05-Daria-Werbowy Marie_Claire_Russia_2014-05-Daria-Werbowy Marie_Claire_Russia_2014-05-Daria-Werbowy Marie_Claire_Russia_2014-05-Daria-Werbowy Marie_Claire_Russia_2014-05-Daria-Werbowy Marie_Claire_Russia_2014-05-Daria-Werbowy Marie_Claire_Russia_2014-05-Daria-Werbowy Marie_Claire_Russia_2014-05-Daria-Werbowy Marie_Claire_Russia_2014-05-Daria-Werbowy

Photographer: Mathieu Cesar  // Stylist: Anna Rykova // Hair: Alessandro Rebecchi // Make-Up: Alexey Molchanov


Beauty Supply: Going Organic

This post is not meant to scare you, but do you know what is in the products you use on your hair and skin everyday?! Well neither did I until I downloaded the app Think Dirty. This well designed app allows you to scan the bar codes of beauty and personal care products and scores each product 0-10 (0 is clean and 10 is dirty). This rating system’s based on published studies about the ingredients in the product and how harmful they are to you.

After scanning the entire contents of my shower and medicine cabinet, I found that almost everything, including products that are advertised as organic, contain toxins and cancer causing carcinogens and most of my products scored a scary 7 or higher on the Think Dirty app. I’ve said this before, but I will say it again, if we spend so much time and money buying organic food, why wouldn’t we do the same when it comes to the products we put on our skin (our largest organ)? I’ve made the decision to transition over to all organic beauty products. While I still have to do some major research on new shampoo and conditioner, here are the products that fit my new organic regime that are already in my medicine cabinet, and here is how I use them…


Tom’s deoderant // Keeps me dry and smelling fresh even through my bootcamp class.

Tom’s toothpaste // Pretty self-explanatory, but it keeps my pearly whites whiter.

Tea Tree oil // When I have a painful zit under the surface of my skin, I put this very pungent oil on the spot at night and by morning it is significantly reduced and pain free.

Rodin Face oil // This face oil is a luxury, so I only use it twice a week when my skin is still moist, after my evening shower.

RMS Beauty Un Cover Up // To help hide my under eye circles and uneven skin tone. RMS Beauty just came out with an organic mascara, I am so looking forward to trying it!

Organic Coconut oil // So many uses, but I use it primarily to shave my legs, remove eye makeup and oil pulling (more on that later).

Organic Avocado oil // I use this under my eyes at night instead of eye cream, I wake up with my under eyes feeling hydrated and soft.

Organic Jojoba oil // I use this as a daily face moisturizer and a body moisturizer because it absorbs into the skin quickly, every once in a while I will opt for Vitamin E oil for my body if I am going right to bed.

Do you have any organic beauty products to recommend?


5 Piece French Wardrobe Update

Are you sick of hearing about this yet? In my quest for the perfect 5 pieces for the season, I was originally overwhelmed, but now, four months into my first season (which ends June 30th), I have narrowed my scope and thought I’d share my progress. Here’s a little refresher of the 5 Piece French Wardrobe guidelines.

I bought my first piece of the season about a month ago, a pair of white linen wrap pants from New York based brand Apiece Apart, I posted a preview of them here. I promise to post a better photo once it is warm enough to wear them outside. As for the rest of this season’s pieces, here is my wish list.


Atlantique Ascoli Ballet Russe blouse // I love the feminine structure of this blouse, but I can’t find it anywhere. Let me know if you come across it somewhere in your travels, I would be eternally grateful.

Trench Coat // I am aware that the coat in this photo is not actually a trench coat, but instead a camel wool coat. But wouldn’t the color and the easy shape translate beautifully into lightweight waterproof fabric? Didn’t I mention this was a wish list?

Jil Sander sandals // I spent the better part of Thursday afternoon scouring my favorite Soho shops for the perfect summer shoe. I stopped by Tibi and tried on these loafers, and while they pair perfectly with black skinny jeans, they don’t work with any bottoms shorter than a two roll cuff. I found myself at the corner of Howard and minimalist heaven when I tried on these Jil Sander sandals. Flat, strappy and black, all the things I look for in a summer sandal. I got them, so that’s two down, three to go before the end of June.

 Jil Sander bag //  Compact, multiple compartments and minimal styling, this makes a perfect little black bag. Now that I don’t go into the office everyday, it is more practical to downsize. Now I have to pull together the cash and this little guy is mine. I just hope it stays available and on sale until that happens.

Did I mention I bought a winter coat yesterday? Right, maybe it counts towards this season’s 5 pieces, or next season’s, I haven’t decided. But since I’ve been looking for a new winter coat for over 3 years, I couldn’t pass up the blue (same color as the leather skirt I made a few weeks ago) alpaca coat I found at the Maria Cornejo sample sale for 75% off.


Overcoming My Aversion to Blue When it Comes to Jeans

We had laundry day earlier this week and with all of my black laundry packed up to go to the laundromat, I threw on a pair of blue skinny jeans. When I emerged from the bedroom my boyfriend and I agreed that blue jeans didn’t look right on me anymore.

Why? Well, over the past few years I’ve slowly and unconsciously moved away from wearing blue jeans and moved towards wearing almost exclusively, black denim. I’m at the point where I keep my blue jeans at the bottom of my drawer and get aggravated that they take precious real estate away from my black and grey jeans. I can’t remember the last time I wore blue jeans, so that should give you a good idea of how long it’s been.


In an effort to lighten things up for Spring, I pulled a little inspiration to help influence my blue jean wearing ways. As I scoured my Made Ya Look board, where I stockpile loads of aspirational looks, blue jeans were hard to find. Enter the lovey lady above, wearing a perfectly structured jacket, simple white tee and minimal accessories with her blue hued denim. This is the look that might throw me back into the blue jean pool, here’s hoping!

How do you wear your blue jeans?


Loafer Love

I fell in love with slip on loafers when I first saw The Row Spring 2014 collection back in September. The ease and comfort of a slipper, the laid back sophistication of a proper loafer, and of course I love the menswear vibe it exudes. My budget doesn’t really stretch to fit the version the Olsens designed for The Row, and I don’t even know where to find them, but the Denni Loafer from Tibi is a great alternative.