Harness DIY Published: Makemake Fashion


Last year I was asked to contribute a DIY project to a book entitled Makemake Fashion: DIY Tutorials for a German publisher. I redesigned my harness DIY for the book and am excited to finally share the book with you! The book is full of easy DIY and tutorial ideas from people around the world, and is only available in the German language. If you don’t speak German, you can still revisit my DIY Harness here.


 If you do speak German and want to pick up a copy of the book, you can order it online.


Beauty Supply: Binchotan Charcoal

Binchotan charcoal comes from the Kishu region of Japan and is known as the highest quality activated charcoal for purifying water. so why wouldn’t it have the same effects on your body? Morihata created a line of personal care products based on the positive aspects of Binchotan charcoal.


I’ve recently started using the Binchotan charcoal facial puff to exfoliate my skin. It is made of pure vegetable fibers and ultra-fine Binchotan charcoal powder. I only use it once or twice a week, but the effects of the puff are clear immediately. My skin is smoother and brighter after each use, without over drying. It’s a better alternative than facial scrubs because facial scrubs actually create small scratches on the surface of your skin, making more crevices for dirt and oil to fill in. The activated charcoal in the puff also helps to remove toxins from my skin.

The Binchotan charcoal toothbrush has charcoal blended into each bristle which helps prevent bad breath, removes plaque and prevents harmful bacteria from growing within the brush itself. Most toothbrushes act as a tool, while the Binchotan charcoal toothbrush promotes good mouth hygiene as well.

Shop the entire line of Morihata Binchotan charcoal products at Steven Alan, including  pumice stones, body scrub towels and charcoal sticks for purifying your drinking water or bath water.


A Home Exchange Community for Designers

I don’t know about you, but when I travel, I like to stay somewhere that is comfortable but also aesthetically inspiring, but it often comes at a higher cost. I was recently invited to join the Behomm network, the first home exchange community for designers and visual art professionals. This community fosters home exchange (you stay in their home while they stay in yours, both for free) with other like-minded, creative people around the world. Just in case you aren’t already sold on the idea, I’ve gathered a few of my favorite homes from Behomm that I wouldn’t mind exchanging for my next vacation. It’s also a great way to meet new people around the world.


Osaka, Japan // Architect


Madrid, Spain // Creative Director


Paris, France // Interior Designer


Amsterdam, Netherlands // Photographer


New York City, USA // Photographer

What are you waiting for, request an invite here!


Shoe of the Week

new-york-fashion-week-shoes-of-the-week-proenza-schouler-python-heels-spring-2015-desmittenCan we talk about the major shoe moment at Proenza Schouler yesterday? The mix of materials was a marriage made in fashion heaven. A block white heel + black suede + python + silver metal ankle strap = must-have statement heels. I don’t know about you, but these shoes just jump started my Spring wish list.

(image via Maria Dueñas Jacobs instagram)


Project de. August Design


My Project de. August design was inspired by movement without constrictions. I focused on simple lines that formed interesting shapes when layered. The minimal silhouette hangs on the body with elegant ease and the delicate straps don’t distract from the dress. Made of 4-ply silk crêpe in a nude hue, the dress paired perfectly with my Céline sling backs.

project-de-august-design-minimal-dress-christina-desmet-design-desmitten project-de-august-design-minimal-dress-christina-desmet-design-2-desmitten