Beauty Supply: Dr. Jart Hydrogel Mask


I am flying from Shanghai back to New York today, and the only way for my skin to survive the 16+ hour flight is with this Dr. Jart hydrogel mask. On my way to China, around the ninth hour of breathing in recycled air, it felt like every drop of water in my body had evaporated. That was when the Dr. Jart hydrogel mask infused a much-needed shot of hydration to my face. There are a few reasons this mask is the only mask you need for long flights. (1) The mask comes in two pieces with eye and mouth holes cut out so you can remove it from the package and apply directly to your face. (2) The gel makes this mask comfortable for flying. (3) It is free from harmful chemicals and toxins!

I can’t wait to get back to New York today!!


Totokaelo New York


As I prepare to head back to New York after my 2+ weeks in Asia, I couldn’t be more excited to hear that my favorite Seattle based store, Totokaelo, is opening a retail store in New York. The CEO and founder of Totokaelo, Jill Wenger, moved to New York in 2014. Subsequently, she is also moving the Totokaelo headquarters here. If you are wondering, yes, they are hiring (as seen on Totokaelo’s instagram today). Interested? This letter from Jill will not only make you want to work for her, but it inspires change in the way the retail world works.

I am looking forward to the New York space, set to open this Fall. With their offices located down on Centre street, I can only imagine the beautiful space they are preparing (hopefully) near by. I took this photo last summer at their Seattle store. The interior and art objects are an extension of the men’s and women’s clothes they carry, inspired, significant and undoubtedly stylish. Totokaelo New York is sure to do well, as most of their online sales come from this city.


Postcard from Hong Kong


Spending the weekend in Hong Kong, a beautifully tropical and cultured city.


Beauty Supply: Surratt Relevee Lash Curler

Surratt-Relevee-Lash-Curler-clean-beauty-summer-beauty-secrets-desmittenIt’s been months since I first wrote about the Surratt Relevee Lash Curler, but it wasn’t until recently that I purchased this Bentley of eyelash curlers for myself. This is part of my summer beauty routine because when I don’t want to wear mascara -which is most summer days- I just use the Surratt Relevee Lash Curler. As promised, this lash curler requires less pressure on lashes and results in the illusion of longer lashes without mascara. The sleek matte black design is a bonus!




Postcard from The French Concession


We are staying in the former French Concession area of Shanghai, where a lot of expats live. This weekend we were missing New York so it was lovely to stumble upon this little cafe called Egg. With the menu offering avocado toast (a personal favorite of mine) and a banana bread/peanut butter concoction worthy of addiction, we felt right at home. The longer we sat in the white-walled space, it was easy to forget we were a world away from our everyday lives. We weren’t surprised to find out the owner was also from New York and she offered up great restaurant and art exhibit suggestions. If you find yourself in Shanghai, missing New York, head over to Egg for great company, delicious food and coffee.